The Last Battle Under the Orion

An American male writes a letter to a woman in Japan to find out what role his father played in World War II. She talks to a guy who served with her grandfather in the war. He served on the same submarine and was the youngest guy on the sub.

The movie covers the last two weeks of the war. By that time there was no Japanese surface navy left. All they had were submarines to depend on and kamikaze pilots. America had total control of the air war and surface war by then. Japanese subs and what planes they had were very low on supplies and ammunition.

This is like many other World War II submarine movies. The battle between a destroyer and a sub. A destroyer captain who hates the Japanese (his brother was killed by a kaiten.) In this case, the sub has kaiten aboard and plans to use one, but in a very innovative manner and without anyone on board.

Then the Japanese captain uses a technique seen in the Star Trek episode Balance of Terror which, actually, is a lot like this movie.

This is an excellent movie.

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