Puyallup Assembly Center, Washington

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This center was used from April 28 to Sept. 12, 1942. Another name for it was "Camp Harmony." Over 7,000 were housed there (7390 at the highest), evacuees from Washington and Alaska. Many of the original structures are gone although a few remain, or at least in part. There are memorial plaques.

The Oakland Tribune, April 2, 1942


Nevada State Journal, May 3, 1942

Camp Harmony newsletter

This section is from the Puyallup assembly center. These are also from the University of Wisconsin.

Unfortunately, they have not scanned any of the newsletters. There are pages that list what is on each page of the newsletters (which is similar to what I do, but without any comments), but nothing that shows what the newsletter actually looked like.

So, what I am going to do is to put a link to the page, which is here.

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