Rohwer Outpost Volume 1, #1-5

Volume 1, #1: Oct. 24, 1942

The masthead.

Page 1: A welcome from the project director. Articles on absentee voting, recreational activities, there will be a dance that night, the opening of schools has been delayed, and and there's an opening editorial.

Page 2: 'Facts and figures on your duration home.'' There's a need for teachers. The welcome from page 1 is continued, as is the article on the delay of classes. There's an article on mail delivery, one on ironing facilities, one on a library, and one on a survey of clothing needs.

Page 3: An article on the canteen; one on Young People's Fellowship; one on an outbreak of diarrhea; a work survey; date on Jerome is nearly finished; police will be chosen by exams; a newlywed couple; the Hawthorne Jrs., church services, and soda pop and pastries will be sold soon.

Page 4, giving a map of the camp.

Page 5: Sports plans are formulated; girls' clubs are being organized; a group called Rohwer Flights is set up; there is a choir being set up; the Buddhist church will hold a gathering; plus two articles on softball and one on kid football.

Page 6: The paper's staff is listed; a personal view article by one of the staff; a cartoon, and the editorial below.

The editorial.

Volume 1, #2: Oct. 28, 1942

Page 1: Residents will be voting for block managers; pies and pop will soon be on sale; payday is near; more people are coming in from the Santa Anita assembly center; a pre-school is planned; and there's a cartoon much in the spirit of Lil Neebo.

Page 2: The paper's office has been moved; the election article from page 1 continues, as does the article on the cartoon and a contest to name it. Nisei soldiers were feted at a dance; the Community Activities division has selected some directors; the chief of community service praises the 'splendid morale'; clubs and organizations are to fill out certain forms; the library will open; a center Y.B.A. is being formed, and there's an article on growing crops.

Page 3: Articles about the police exams and teacher qualifications; the WRA buys their supplies on the open market; people need to stop stealing lumber; a director of student placement has been chosen; a meeting discussed transfers and leaves, and one wing of the hospital is almost ready to open.

Page 4: The center will grow its own vegetables; activity heads and block reps have been selected; fire-fighters drill daily; a baby was born but did not live more than a few hours; Block 7 established a service club; the post office has some unclaimed letters; Sears suggests ordering parcel post; there was a small forest fire that the fire department put out, and a number of soldiers have visited the center.

Page 5: YWCA and girls' clubs are being organized; baseball results; another marriage; art groups meet; an informal social for girls; football results; and a personal article on an athlete at the center.

Page 6: A cartoon; a personal editorial; an editorial saluting the Navy; an article about vehicles being driven too fast, and a listing of the papers' staff.

Volume 1, #3: Oct. 31, 1942

Page 1: Elections have been held. Paychecks will soon be handed out. There will be a pre-school meeting. The use of the recreation area has been reclassified. There's also an article on the hospital.

Page 2: The article on the hospital continues. The last people from Santa Anita have arrived. There will be a young person's prayer hour. The Sunday edition of the Arkansas Gazette will be sold. 500 lumberjacks are needed. Block 5 has formed a social group. The recreation article from page 1 is continued. There will be a literary magazine, and winter rain might slow up trucking. The hospital schedule is posted.

Page 3: There's an article on the Heart Mountain camp. Men are needed for a police squad; students can apply for relocation; a beauty shop might open; a wood pile caught fire; employment registration is explained; a fourth marriage has taken place; police will conduct a traffic survey; clothing aid has arrived; the Twentiottos have elected officers.

Page 4: A night school program is outlined; A motor pool is being opened, and legal aid men have opened an office. Sunday church schedule, a Buddhist meeting, a weaving class, a sewing machine room being opened, janitors needed for schools, and a Christian Young People Fellowship Hour form the other articles on the page.

Page 5: Sports: Articles on judo and baseball, plus articles on a songfest, rules for use of posters, and a boys' club called the Cinnabars.

Page 6: The staff of the paper is listed, a personal editorial, a regular editorial and a cartoon.

Volume 1, #4: Nov. 7, 1942

Page 1: A paper shortage forced the paper to skip an issue. Paychecks are being distributed; two canteens will be opened; self-government councilmen will be elected.

Page 2: An article on job classifications and work release; the paycheck article continues; church services schedule; an outdoor entertainment show.

Page 3: The Lil Daniel cartoon and an article about it; an article on the Young People's Fellowship; an article on Japanese in Lodi raising grapes.

Page 4: An article encouraging parents to have boys and girls in clubs; artists are invited to use a temporary art shop; three articles on block groups; and an article about people getting certificates from the Red Cross.

Page 5: The drainage system is inadequate; Sidelight, a column of short notes about things in the camp; a sewing room is ready to use; a dance for boys and girls in Scouts; Scouts had a day-lone hike; another clerk has been added to the post office; hiking permits are needed; the head of housing needs to meet with certain people; applications for Scouting positions are accepted.

Page 6: The paper's staff is listed; the Bean Takeda editorial article.

An editorial.

Page 7: A sports page. articles on baseball, judo, weight-lifting, football, and a cartoon.

Page 8: The employment registration has been finished. The dental clinic is not fully working; an Ikebana class will be held; more fireman have been added and the department will be on duty all day; an article on visiting soldiers and new teachers; a Halloween party; a rest home for the needy might be set up; halls for worship; two births and two marriages.

Education Supplement: Nov. 7, 1942

Page 1: A statement from the superintendent of education; general rules for high school; assistant teachers have been appointed; there's also a cartoon.

Page 2: Registration for elementary students; registration data has been released; continuation of high school rules and assistant teachers from page 1; the high school hour-to-hour schedule.

Page 3: A list of administrative heads and high school teachers.

Page 4: A list of grammar school teachers; general regulations for grades 7 through 9; continuation of article on prep instructions from page 3.

Page 5's map of block 31.

Page 6's map of block 35.

Page 7: The teacher's four-day meeting is over.

Page 8: The high school's course offerings.

Volume 1, #5: Nov. 11, 1942

Page 1: An election for councilmen; the payroll schedule; lumberjacks are needed; Sears will be issuing clothing to Santa Anitans; one student has left for a junior college.

Page 2: There will be a literary club; an article on adult education; a talent show; a service unit for Montgomery Ward is being set up; candidates will be given police tests; the article on lumberjacks is continued; a new member of the medical staff.

Page 3: A cartoon; requisitions for posters and signs must be cleared three days in advance; two babies born; one child died, age 1, and one old person died; fire wardens want to make “entire city” fireproof; a girls' club has elected a President; Poston is largest relocation center.

Page 4: Residents need to stop cutting down trees near power lines; classes in psychology will be offered; some school supplies are on sale; reservations for P.A. systems need to be made three days in advance; regulations on driving trucks must be followed; trucks will not be assigned to blocks; a cute story about the birth of a baby.

Page 5: Sports page with stories on baseball, football, judo, wrestling, and weight-lifting, and a personal sports article about a resident.

Page 6: The Bean Takeda short editorials section; listing of staff of paper; editorials on Armistice Day and the need to vote.

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