Rohwer Outpost Volume 2, #1-5

Volume 2 #1, New Year's Edition

First page.

Page 2: Editorial.

Page 3: Gala variety show; mochigomi-tradition to be observed; mushroom seeker fails to return-man hunt staged; cash clothing allowances; toadstools offer poor diet.

Page 4: Arts, crafts items sought; guests; Beasley gives full account of high school facilities; air mail package regulations; variety show profits to purchase equipment and materials for CA (Community Activities).

A neat cartoon.

Page 5: New paper sale system; merrymakers set to usher in 1943; resident given instructorship; heavy rainfall and clogged drainage cause minor flood; vital statistics; poor weather prevents pageant; reorganized CA staff to act as service organization; New Year gifts await distribution.

Page 6: Boy Scouts hold Court of Honor; administration personnel enlarged; transportation difficulty curtails individual shopping; club notes; optical department requests patience; three additional school students receive leave permits.

Page 7: Smoke Signals column; letters to the editor.

Page 8: Two-day rally held to forward local YMWCA; YPCF installs officers; YBA to sponsor guest speaker; Federated Christians to greet New Year with special service; Buddhists to present colorful New Year's church program; Methodists gather for initial meeting; RFCC announces first baptism; church schedule.

Pages 9, 10, 11: Sports.

Page 12: Adult education starts; creative arts, language and literature, science and mathematics, social studies.

Page 13: 1943 calendar.

Volume 2 #2, Jan. 6, 1943

Page 1: Night school registration; movies make debut; Raines given promotion; three day adult show to hold repeat performances; construction workers wanted; Cole to break school ground.

Page 2: Outside groups send New Years presents; guests; woodcarving classes open; club notes; movie tickets from page 1; vital statistics; to whom it may concern; phone services for official business.

Page 3: School health: students examined; CA field agents replace district, block leaders; junior Red Cross drive; 500 accepted by colleges through student relocation; 'nativity' to be presented Sunday; presenting R.E. Estes, cost accountant and block manager.

Page 4: Lil Dan'l cartoon; Smoke Signals column; editorial.

Pages 5, 6: Sports.

Volume 2 #3, Jan. 9, 1943

Page 1: Mail: correct address given; co-op to manage community movies; clothing slips distributed; plans to join internees with families near completion; WRA to form job agencies; alien property custodian issues new regulations; films now showing.

Page 2: All employees eligible for worker's compensation; nurse to leave for outside; guests; block 2 averts fire disaster; first-aid kits issued; hospital conducts health inspection tour of center; 700 witness high school ground breaking ceremony; movies to hold present prices, from page 1; WRA advises professional evacuees to maintain status; vital statistics.

Page 3: Deadline set for mackinaws; presenting Jack Steele Curtis, project attorney; optometry clinic swamped; coal to fill fuel shortage; delay in leave permits; FBIS representative to interview translators; exhibit postponed; the big one that got away; sawmills, agriculture named as chief spring projects.

Page 4: Group organized to forward YWCA; club notes; Girl Scouts in scrap drive; 'Nativity' scheduled for two-day showing; Monticello pastor to deliver sermon; 'Seicho-no-iye' to conduct service; YBA to hold meeting; church schedule; College Christian Association to aid in student relocation; Catholic priest to visit Rohwer.

Page 5: Sports.

Page 6: Lil Dan'l cartoon; Smoke Signals column; editorial; list of paper's staff.

Volume 2 #4, Jan. 13, 1943

Page 1: Handicraft exhibit; YBA plans speech contest; clarification: families of internees; new movie schedule given; co-op congress to meet; education department makes addition to teaching staff; 44 register for draft; library changes hours.

Page 2: A-1 fire-fighting force organized; Red Cross to form; schoolrooms to get desks; resident takes business trip; guests; I.S. men adopt new coat color; ex-contrabands still unclaimed; electricians, carpenters wanted; the prodigal jackets return; one-half of center population employed; oratorical contest to cover two days, from page 1; instructors still needed, from page 1.

Page 3: Garage equipment; mess halls to compete for efficiency pennant; Girl Scout executive to give leadership course; no charge for child diet; students in part-time jobs; telephone service adds operators; cigarette thrown in sawdust basket causes blaze; WRA field official okays mess halls; fire extinguishers useless if frozen; vital statistics.

Page 4: Local talents present goodwill program; Very Truly Yours; block receives sewing machines; beginners' dance classes to start; Bible study group to meet; club notes.

Page 5: Sports.

Page 6: Cartoon; Smoke Signals column; editorial.

Volume 2 #5, Jan. 16, 1943

Page 1: 'Kobu' hunts curbed; co-op nets profit; charter awaits WRA approval; deadline set for transfer of privately stored goods; administration hours changed; schools to have library.

Page 2: Classic hour to present well-known recordings; Club Notes column; Girl Scouts hold rally; fire-department crew passes two hour Army inspection; former civil service workers; world almanacs on sale; residents to ratify charter, from page 1; school physician named; study halls, temporary library, from page 1.

Page 3: Co-op books available; enterprise membership survey registers 4500; employment; wooden bathtubs to be constructed for men; residents enjoy display; hospital prepares x-ray room; guests; resettlement committee lists job offers to Japanese-Americans; center library to carry four metropolitan newspapers.

Page 4: Buddhists to conduct Ho-onko services; Very Truly Yours column; Maryknollers; McGhee Presbyterians to present program at YPCF; vital statistics; home nursing course opens; Miller to sing at RFCC; Sunday church services.

Page 5: Sports.

Page 6: Lil Dan'l cartoon; editorial; Smoke Signals column

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