Rohwer Outpost Volume 2, #6-10

Volume 2 #6: January 20, 1943

Page 1: Clothing allowance begins; co-op congress to convene; all employees eligible for clothing payment; Rohwer citizen loses life in line of duty; struck by tree; WRA official on press tour; residents must file WCCA, WRA wages on income tax returns.

Page 2: Six-day exhibit displays works of 130; guests; nurseries for tots planned; school faculty makes addition; YMCA board to be formed; resident leaves for Colorado; tap dancing enrollees meet; Buddhists hold Ho-onko rites; cuisine classes improbable; clothing memos must be presented; eligibility for cash clothing allowance.

Page 3: New paper order system; four WRA employment offices open in Midwest; popular music to fill hour; outside jobs now available; oratorical details given; movies now showing; single movie prices raised; so this is the sunny South; vital statistics; hospital adds another nurse.

Page 4: Committee to select films; schedule set for go, shogi tourneys; students draft school charter; Boy Scout leaders plan to fete national scout anniversary; dancing class sites indefinite; CA names field agents; war prisoner camp.

Page 5: Sports.

Page 6: Editorial; Smoke Signals Exchange column; cartoon.

Volume 2 #7: January 23, 1943

Page 1: Storage transit; Inter-center travel; new films now playing; oratorical.

California is up to it again.

Page 2: Co-op notes; hands off; school lumber irreplaceable; guests; courses for college units; Rohwer school system described; record concert set for Monday; clearance papers in.

Page 3: Spanish counsel confers with residents; first to leave pave way for others; Moulton for Washington; March of Dimes campaign; three leave for schools; skin hygienists give beauty aid; vital statistics; magazines now sold at canteen; correction on tax information.

Page 4: Large school attendance; club notes column; YBA to hold singspiration; YPCF hour to feature discussion; Rohwer, Red Cross Unit organized; :YMWCA to form clubs; church services.

Page 5: Sports.

Page 6: Lil Dan'l cartoon; Editorial; Smoke Signals Exchange column.

Volume 2 #8: January 27, 1943

Page 1: Market for farm tools; co-op opens shoe store, supplies limited; pre-evacuation contrabands; co-op congress to convene; center to participate in March of Dimes campaign; 'kobu' hunting arrangements made.

Page 2: Movie schedule given; Garay attends conference; trips to Camp Livingston; CA offices to be in block 32; guests; postponement of popular song hour; four more students get leaves to attend universities; relocation for Stockton youth; sales, prices, titles also requested, from page 1; operator for mimeograph; call for automobile parts man ,teamsters.

Page 3: Two fined for fishing; seeds, fertilize, mules purchased for farming; mess workers to be checked; safeguard fire extinguishers; scrap firm to hire evacuees; eleven pass FBIS test; food poisoning hits block 3; hog project to be established; vital statistics; alien filing of change of address.

Page 4: Kiddies to have record program; SCA speaker to tell of Alaska; club notes; adults prepare 'karuta' game; YMCA advisory board organized; youth rallies attract students; CA schedule; Scout leaders select BSA anniversary planning committee; Girl Scouts receive leadership training.

Page 5: Sports.

Page 6: Lil Dan'l cartoon; editorial; Smoke signals exchange column; letter to the editor.

Volume 2 #9: January 30, 1943

Page 1: Combat service for Nisei; Myer declares WRA to aid Army induction; lumberjacks to receive pay; center for internees families nears completion; co-op chief to arrive.

Page 2: Winners of go tourney named; Girl Scout activities; schools need instructors; two residents depart for outside; Dr. Hunter's secretary to leave; sewing classes change locale; guests; strict supervision for Texas center, from page 1; induction of Nisei may open way into various war industries, from page 1.

Page 3: Address of express items; colored buttons to identify workers; outside jobs available; WRA clarifies co-op problem; youth men's service group; income tax return forms; movie houses reduced to three.

Page 4: Club notes; missionary tells of internment in Tokyo; college students gather for party; YWCA to sponsor girl reserves; 'Y' secretary to visit center; Hunter to speak at Little Rock; church services schedule; YBA to conduct panel discussion.

Page 5: Sports.

Page 6: Lil Dan'l cartoon; Smoke Signals Exchange column; editorial.

Volume 2 #10: February 3, 1943

Page 1: Do not drink polluted water; infantile paralysis campaign nets $600; Beale to talk to college students; beet work meeting held; field day to feature Boy Scout anniversary; 33 mess halls start competition for efficiency pennants this week.

Page 2: Nursing school now open for enrollment; infirmary for old men soon; lecture series on health; claim articles at police department; vital statistics; speech contest is postponed; Rohwer-style WAACs formed; five more students relocate; additions made to personnel.

Page 3: Race for popularity queen gets underway; canteen: new goods expected; 1368 students contribute huge sum to jr. Red Cross; opportunities for employment; WRA officials on survey tour.

Heart Mountain's take on a prejudicial Senator.

Page 4: SCA to fete 'Y' secretary; girl students form gr clubs; club notes; Girl Scouts win honor; missionary tells of life in Japan; woman writer collects material; senior Bible study group to convene; Bussei organizers to hold confab; tap dancing class to begin; choir today; student service fund.

Page 5: Sports.

Page 6: Lil Dan'l cartoon; Smoke Signals Exchange column; editorial.

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