Rohwer Outpost Volume 2, #16-20

Volume 2 #16: February 24, 1943

Page 1: Clothing payment; info on mail order shoes; Kimi Yamada still leads; 'peace after the war' topic of well-known lecturer; center rationing board formed.

Page 2: Site of coronation is revealed; more outside job openings; lady fortune smiles twice; guests; co-op reports news rate cut; change made on forensic meet; senior class to hear pastor; vital statistics; Jerome fears, we defy superstition; nursery for tots organized.

Page 3: WRA official to hold confab; OPA revises shoe ration; workers wanted; cinema note; transport co. sends official; first modern Shibai; new cables clarify registration.

Page 4: Local Red Cross committee to elect chairman; Scouts search for counselor; Very Truly Yours column; noted Nisei sculptor tells of relocation; Japanese combat team hoped to become an outstanding unit.

Page 5: Club notes; CA receives games, toys; Cub Scouts in promotion; Scouts' board of review date given; Girl Scouts to undertake hike; 'Y' leaders to hold get-together; second audition for Nisei talent revue; drivers requested to be more careful; school janitors to undergo training; return of evacuees to normal life said solution.

Page 6: Smoke Signals column; Lil Dan'l cartoon; editorial.

Pages 7, 8: Sports.

Pages 9-12: In Japanese.

Volume 2 #17: February 27, 1943

Page 1: Coronation ball; registration starts Monday; Johnston declares sign-up compulsory.

I think this is very well done.

Page 2: Block laborers to be under direct supervision; cinema notes; vital statistics; outside jobs available; YWCA good health program; guests; resident leaves for New York; coronation ball from page 1; registration from page 1.

Page 3: Canteen to limit goods; rationed foodstuffs frozen to evacuees; guardians to file report; dates given for check cashing; two top mess halls to be awarded efficiency pennants; Montgomery War catalogs; employment; carving class invites public.

Page 4: Reverend Sayre to lecture on peace; club notes; talent show scheduled; Rohwer YMCA elects officers; Buddhist Sunday classes divided; YPCF Nisei to speak about leisure time; Sunday church services; bi-monthly meeting of YWCA board.

Page 5: Sports.

Page 6: Lil Dan'l cartoon; editorial; Smoke Signals column.

Special Bulletin: February 28, 1943

Page 1: Miss Shigeko Nakano chosen center queen; voting; winners of raffle drawings; queen contest committees; sports.

Volume 2 #18: March 3, 1943

Page 1: Clearance sign-up totals 2700; extinguish all flames; registration schedule; 1942 income tax returns must be filed; CA to sponsor all-center kite flying contest; good farming prospects in Dakota.

Page 2: Adult English class has high attendance; RFCC moves to dedicate flag; YWCA plans jamboree; guests; openings available to center workers; center school talent sought; church teachers call meeting; Dakota farmland, from page 1; lost shields; finance heads meet in Denver; center residents leave for outside employment, school.

Page 3: More farming equipment to arrive soon; all-center oratorical features weekend events; farm activity swings forth; school term extended; second center auto collision; coming attractions; court upholds voting status.

Page 4: Club notes; financial statement of raffle, queen contests; president, queen's message; thanks to the royal dukes.

Page 5: Our Health column; senior class expresses view on work choices; Washingtonians visit hospital; school children receive tables; physical examination for mess employees to continue daily; Nisei's voting rights upheld, from page 1; hospital health department releases February statistics.

Page 6: Editorial; Lil Dan'l cartoon; Smoke Signals.

Pages 7, 8: Sports.

Pages 9-12: In Japanese.

Volume 2 #19: March 6, 1943

Page 1: Boundary changed; formation of WRA office instituted; youths must sign up with registrar; Col. Scobey addresses managers' delegation; stored goods shipment soon; tax collectors to report Wed.

Page 2: Money orders top list in February post office sales; guests; kite contest; Red Cross unit calls meeting; now showing; call for all cosmeticians; Ando lectures at Rotarian meeting; more residents leave center; vital statistics; WRA personnel accompanies group, from page 1; playhouse for tots scheduled.

Page 3: Shoe repair shop to open; new fiction, non-fiction available at library; register at mess 31 and 35; patrons warned not to lose or discard used coupon books; Dr. M.E. Ellis to address seniors.

A Chicago Tribune editorial reprinted.

Page 4: Outside work open to family, couples, women; PA systems for Issei and Nisei; jobs; tombstones to honor graves; Rohwer co-operative's financial statement; plans laid for stamp collectors; concert singer performs here; residents asked to call for almanacs.

Page 5: Club notes; Helena YWCA invites three; bojangles to hold concert; emphasis on 'keeping fit'; men's quartet to make debut; SS teachers will hold group social; troop 13 to hold campfire meeting; 'leisure time' YP's forum topic; Sunday church services.

Page 6: Editorial; Lil Dan'l cartoon; Smoke Signals column.

Pages 7, 8: Sports.

Pages 9-12: In Japanese.

Volume 2 #20: March 10, 1943

Page 1: Beet work; personal property; state deputies aid tax filing; Army Air Corps sergeant visits family in center; co-op manager elected.

Page 2: Block 19 library gets more books; guests; war plant asks for draftsmen; 13 depart for Chicago plant; veteran gets military rites; relocated residents allowed freight grants; RFCC thanks Royal Dukes; sergeant, from page 1.

Page 3: YWCA fetes women of nearby Dumas; relocation agent visits camp to study methods; now showing; inspectors' ok passed; Honda wins first prize in all-center contest; vital statistics; ex-news editor leaves center; fire fighters receive test.

Page 4: Center-wide kite contest features novelty event; club notes; music must be returned to CA; Bojangles hold unclassic hour; Buddhist board to meet; clubs to report twice a month; Seattle missionary arrives in center; Rev. Hayakawa joins RFCC staff.

Page 5: Sports.

Page 6: Editorial; Lil Dan'l cartoon; Smoke Signals column.

Pages 7-10: In Japanese.

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