Rohwer Outpost Volume 2, #26-30

Volume 2 #26: March 31, 1943

Page 1: Shoe cards are coming; Red Cross results; Form 126; information on permits and clearances outlined; Outpost loses members.

Page 2: Blocked nationals out from co-op enterprises; guests; workers to go outside; jobs open to employables; PTA meeting plans revealed; engagement; Kiba speaks at YMCA dinner; procedure for job seekers.

Page 3: Soda pops now on sale; now showing; sugar executive arrives to interview applicants; data on baggage, tickets released; WRA school heads to meet; seeds to be distributed; jobs open; adult education adds new course.

Page 4: Poisonous reptiles; photo shots of center released in 'commission'; Congressman from New York sends reply; vital statistics; barn dance held in spite of rain; drive slowly; gov. okays project.

Page 5: Club notes; sewing class schedules graduation exercises; Buddhist service plans revealed; kite contest schedule set; singspiratoin planned for Christian church; librarian to leave.

Page 6: Editorial; Smoke Signals; cartoon.

Pages 7, 8: Sports.

Pages 9-12: In Japanese.

Extra: April 1, 1943

Page 1: WRA pays way; PTA meeting; postmaster goes home; few changes to be made; course shift announced; sports.

Volume 2 #27: April 3, 1943

Page 1: Latest Red Cross tally shows $3170; instruction on travel grants; co-op opens beauty shop for women; kite contest; more leave the Outpost; examination proves water is sanitary; mess 34 wins pennant again.

Page 2: More outside employment open to interested workers; Co-op notes; March payroll; senior high PTA meeting called; contributors for fund drive listed; 13 bound for Montana way; workers go out.

Page 3: Curtains now graces Johnston's den; opening of relocation hostel in Ill. announced; wood carving exhibition set; now showing; sign-up begins for craft class; gardens planted around center post office and administration buildings; reports from outside planned; vital statistics.

Page 4: Plans for special Buddhist services; Club Notes; mass scheduled at PS 11 hall; center Girl Scouts leave on hiking trip; YMCA to meet; Sunday church services.

Page 5: Sports.

Page 6: Editorial; cartoon; Smoke Signals exchange.

Pages 7-10: In Japanese.

Volume 2 #28: April 7, 1943

Page 1: Beauty shop rates revealed; WRA housing plans; Harris to aid scout group; final Red Cross tabulations released.

At least one judge has sense.

Page 2: More center residents leave for outside jobs; guests; sugar beet work is open; SCA to hold discussion; canteen site of new display; outside jobs; vital statistics; beet field workers leave; $25003.53 total of Red Cross contributions.

Page 3: Senior high PTA will meet; WRA arranges aid for evacuees in emergencies; Rohwer honors volunteers; Girl Scouts hold drive; point rationing affects center; another leaves the Outpost; now showing; outside employment; schedule for Chinese class.

Page 4: Family relations group to hold initial meeting; Our Health; Buddhists hold Wesak services; pastor attends church confab; Young Buddhists climax Hana Matsuri with social; Bible study group to have singspiration; YWCA-Girl Reserves slates gala jamboree; he wasn't stumped.

Page 5: Center-wide kite contest acclaimed huge success; Club Notes; Phi Epsilon club formed; thanks; snake bite rules; letter to the editor.

Page 6; Smoke Signals Exchange; editorial; cartoon.

Pages 7, 8: Sports.

Pages 9-12: In Japanese.

Volume 2 #29: April 10, 1943

Page 1: Leave data; WRA changes work absence procedure; I.D. photos necessary for leaves; work and mess hours changed; social service worker here; center dry goods store schedules grand opening.

Page 2: Chicago sends call for 30 auto mechanics; guests; Cole leads music hour; mothers' class gets underway; relocation calendar; Rohwer, Jerome combine talent; OPA prices for machinery; 'Densoneers' to play here; sewing class rulers arrive.

Page 3: Gearheart needs men; more baggage, freight regulations revealed; Red Cross to aid contact; now showing; song fest; YWCA facilitates resettlement of women in Chicago district; vital statistics; travelers check.

Page 4: Dr. Bader to address RFCC; YMCA to hold special program; Club Notes; local Bussei to speak at Jerome; YBA set for Hana Matsuri dance; adults to hear musical narrations; six centerites attend YWCA workshop convention in Mississippi; Sunday church services.

Page 5: Sports.

Page 6: Cartoon, editorial, Smoke Signals.

Pages 7-10: In Japanese.

Relocation Bulletin: April 13, 1943

Page 1: More job openings announced; indefinite leaves; Johnston's letter.

Volume 2 #30: April 14, 1943

Page 1: Essay contest winners to attend meet; M.I. school opened; co-op instructions on relocation released; friends center sponsors an evacuee art exhibit; on to Shelby.

Page 2: Residents catch queer 'things'; Spears' job to Bricker; guests; new outside employment; dance with the 'Densoneers'; relocation calendar; dietitian's class; ordered world almanacs here; deadline for exhibit from page 1; intelligence school from page 1.

Page 3: Now showing; Michigan growers association seeks 120 farm workers; center library has additions; drivers must report back; vital statistics; Scouts now have reference books; night school notes; outside cost of living.

Page 4: Packed court of honor advances 13; Club Notes; library takes rapid shape; block 16 donates dictionary; honesty is the best policy; Chandler states.

Page 5: Stored items moved; Engei Kai premiere night; Hawaii bids aloha to 2600 Japanese-American soldiers; center waiting WPB approval for entry porch extensions; marble contest slated by CA; old new songs at singspiration; current movie synopses.

Page 6: Editorial; cartoon; Smoke Signals.

Pages 7, 8: Sports.

Pages 9-12: In Japanese.

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