Rohwer Outpost Volume 2, #46-52

Volume 2 #46: June 9, 1943

Page 1: New compensation plan told; change in school hours; project must produce its own food supplies; mosquito report.

Page 2: Surveyors work over bayous and channels with precision; guests; weaving class makes various pieces; Tajiri visits center; relocation calendar; location choices for domestic work; pre-schooling discussion ends; food supplies cont.; unselfish cooperation.

Page 3: Engei-kai will present kabuki; NSR offers invitation to youths; vital statistics; now showing; leaves granted with id photos; are y'all relocating?; mess 34 three-time winner.

Page 4: Cuthbertson to hold meetings; Club Notes; Rohwer toyland is locale for story-telling hour; St. Louis YMCA members visit; letter to the editor; plans made for Boy Scout troupe; first PTA social set.

Page 5: Sports.

Page 6: Editorial; Very Truly Yours.

Pages 7-10: In Japanese.

Volume 2 #47: June 15, 1943

Four page in Japanese.

Volume 2 #48: June 16, 1943

Page 1: Benefits: back claims to be reviewed; farming machinery; baggage care; property still negotiable; short wave radios banned.

Page 2: NYA students obtain jobs; teaching staff donates $185.10; camporee to be sponsored by local scouts; book of month to be reviewed; relocation calendar; vital statistics; guests; Red Cross notes; farm machinery cont.

Page 3: Outpost loses editors; student relocation will be accelerated; now showing; co-op congress to meet; H.S. typewriters finally arrive; Rohwer school library adds many current popular books; head librarian speaks tomorrow; center library open evenings; head librarian speaks tomorrow.

Page 4: Establishment of YBA headquarters planned; Club Notes; Rev. Sakaue Denver bound; club to hold riukoka hour; sewing class; Girl Scout heads to plan program; Diamond Heads hold gala banquet for local talent.

Page 5: Sports.

Page 6: Editorials; Green Leaves.

Volume 2 #49: June 19, 1943

Page 1: Rohwer high gets 'A' rating; Scouts hold camporee; councilmen select heads; chief nurse leaves center; artists' guild invites Rohwer; new vehicles arrive.

Page 2: Cartoon; guests; reviews of coming movies; Rohwer high school notes; relocation calendar; transfers; schools still need improvements; Japanese relocation meeting; articles found; vital statistics.

Page 3: Six branch high school libraries; public works build modernistic garage; ex-Outpost man in Army; photo service stations given; now showing; co-op congress postpones meeting; beauty parlor is successful; Camp Shelby bound.

Page 4: Kabuki hit show; Club Notes; Rohwer young women's club will make debut; Club Notes; YBA observes father's day; Buddhists to plan o-bon festivities; Sunday church services; outdoor films.

Pages 5, 6: Sports.

Pages 7-10: In Japanese.

Volume 2 #50: June 23, 1943

Page 1: Short-wave radio banned; ex-center man gets write up; center gets new vehicles; Kobayashi here on leave; council forms health board.

Page 2: Harvest figures for farm given; relocation calendar; job openings; guests; book review group meets; vital statistics; new order cont.; canteen will deliver soda; co-op releases May figures.

Page 3: Adjusting self in relocation; center marble contest; report for uses claims; now showing; rule set for cashing checks; Sabin to discuss Midwest farming.

Page 4: July fourth; Bussei plan O-bon fete; Club notes; Scouts meet in camporee; plane club will open workshop; Girl Scouts to go on a hike; guest speaker set for happiness hour; CA anounces staff heads.

Page 5: Green Leaves; reports of Iowa very favorable; problem of zooters seen in relocation; letters to the editor.

Page 6: Editorial; Smoke Signals Exchange.

Pages 7, 8: Sports.

Pages 9-12: In Japanese.

Volume 2 #51: June 23, 1943

Page 1: Pressmen to visit this center; MI school will accept recruits.

Several articles relating to a Supreme Court decision.

Page 2: Cartoon; guests; Gulfport diary; outside employment; relocation calendar; Myer cont.; educational films to be shown.

Page 3: Relocation to Chicago area halted for ten days; handicraft exhibit to be held; he was driving in the rain; rain proves to be lifesaver; now showing; minority rights group.

Page 4: Postonian to talk; Club Notes; RFCC to hear guest's views; Stockton Buddhists will meet; last rites; 'Ondo' practice; Japanese record hour on Saturday; Sunday church services.

Page 5: Letters to the editor; hospital hours for the clinic; student Christian asks Senator for fairer play; graduation photos for sewing classes; Rohwer high school notes.

Page 6: Editorial; Very Truly Yours.

Pages 7, 8: Sports.

Pages 9-12: In Japanese.

Volume 2 #52: June 30, 1943

Page 1: Handicraft to be shown; open house message; man will give claim sign up; transfer goods for protection; radio instruction; Capt. Hastings gets new post.

Page 2: Schools ventilated; guests; relocation calendar; outside employment; hog pen under construction; vital statistics; no charge for transfer of items; letter to the editor; new post cont.

Page 3: Ice house to be erected; new registration for summer adult classes; now showing; ex-Outposter visits center; morning shows, no matinees; Outpost loses again; open house scheduled for education; mail order dept. to accept scripts; shorthand class changes room; library calls for additional help.

Page 4: Grand slam; Buddhists set new schedule; holiday 'Ondo' practice; Club Notes; center women's life discussed by visitor; Girl Scouts meet.

Page 5: Sports.

Page 6: Editorials; Green Leaves.

Pages 7-10: In Japanese.

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