Rohwer Outpost Volume 1, #6-10

Volume 1, #6: Nov. 14, 1942

Page 1: 32 councilmen win election; football game scheduled; clothing distributed to Santa Anitans; outdoor entertainment show tomorrow.

Page 2: Two marriages; English class starts; Concert hour will be held; sewing classes start; two articles on Scouts; Japanese dances; a director of community programs is needed; glee clubs organized, and a list of church services.

Page 3: Couples only dance; Lil' Dan'l cartoon; 1900 students register for classes; students are encouraged to file for colleges elsewhere; Young People's choir choses a director; memorial services; activities directors chosen.

Part 4: The paper's news editor has enlisted in the military; basic cooking and baking classes will be held; agricultural program for the community; five will speak at the Young People's Fellowship meeting; article on a girls' club; ministerial council selected; textbooks and seats are going to be gotten for the school; extra blankets and comforters are available.

Page 5: Sports page, with articles on baseball, football and volleyball, and the football article from page 1 is continued.

Page 6: More sports, with articles on wrestling, and football.

Volume 1, #7: Nov. 18, 1942

Page 1: New system of pay in the future; a canteen co-op is formed; adult English classes will start; new medical head arrives; the charter council will meet; clothing is being distributed to former Santa Anitans.

Page 2: Four more teachers have been added to the staff; college plans encouraging; mail early and beat the Christmas rush; articles on the band and the Glee Club; people cannot leave the center and take hikes until further notice; co-op article from page 1 continues; assembly center paychecks should be claimed.

Page 3: Records are needed for the classical hour; a community sing will take place; Social Security article; sewing instructors' class is offered; Club Notes column with short bits on various clubs; Girl Scouts; Santa Anita G.I. schedule.

Page 4: Letters to the editor; an editorial on student relocation.

Page 5: Sports page with articles on football and volleyball.

Page 6: Articles on football, two continued from page 5.

Volume 1, #8: Nov. 21, 1942

Page 1: Committees for co-op and center charter have been organized; there's a problem with orders from Montgomery Ward going to the wrong place; wall boards to complete departments will be arrived and put into place; there will be school buses; blocks to collect firewood.

Page 2: Some Santa Anita people have still not picked up their paychecks; twenty soldiers visited the camp; sewing rooms will be set up; there is student relocation work in photo-engraving; internees might be reunited with their families; postal savings accounts can be opened at the post office; sewing instructors' courses are delayed; council selects committeemen article from page 1 continues; army boards have investigated the center.

Page 3: The second classics hour will feature work of Chopin; there will be a couples-only dance; a schedule of activities has been released; articles on Boy and Cub Scouts, and one on Girl Scouts; Go and Shogi teachers are needed; band players are asked to meet; YBA group discusses program; Lil Theatre plans.

Page 4: Passing By, Bean Takeda column; an editorial about the canteen.

Page 5: WRA comprehensive survey held through entire center; adult English classes have begun; article on the canteen; YWCA secretary to confer; baking and cooking classes have been delayed; there will be a weaving class; Gila River is suitable for truck crops.

Page 6: Sports page with a cartoon and articles on football, volleyball, boxing and baseball.

Volume 1, #10: Nov. 28, 1942

Page 1: The residents are not allowed to have cameras; government clothing allowances revealed; 30 laborers are needed as construction workers; construction begins on the high school; the camp census is almost done.

Page 2: The Community Council will meet to hear reports; Current Events course held; Guests; Glee Club; Band rehearsal; Creative Writing class; Japanese Art club; YBA election slated; Fellowship to meet for songfest; material shortage article continued from page 1; Scouts to meet; Bean Takeda is leaving his post as editor.

Page 3: Thanksgiving celebrations; article about the project director; landscaping plan is organized; there are 8 instructors for English classes; block carpenters to finish walls; orders taken at center store; two deaths.

Page 4: Club notes; hospital article on cure and prevention of poison ivy.

The hospital layout.

Page 5: Sports page with articles on football, cheerleaders, and the head of women's athletics.

Page 6: Lil Dan'l cartoon; Smoke Signals column, which is information from the other camps.

An editorial.

Volume 1, #10: Nov. 21, 1942

Page 1: October payroll distribution will start soon; six trustees will oversee the management of the canteen; instructions are giving for work leaves; telephones for emergency calls have been installed.

Page 2: A list of guests; an article on the current events class; an Oklahoma farmer is looking for a middle-aged Christian couple; couples only dance tonight; Goh players hold a tournament; sewing machines will be distributed; continuation of payroll, work permits and telephone articles from page 1. Also two births and a marriage.

Page 3: The eye clinic can repair glasses; article on the chief of the agricultural division; grade school vice principal arrives; people need to pick up their September paychecks; there is no danger of floods; driving tests for government drivers will be soon; 18-week sewing course is beginning; there are more Nisei men than Nisei women.

Page 4: Samisen and Koto classes are planned; club notes; speaker chosen for Fellowship; a musicale will be presented; Girl Scouts to hold joint party; initial election slated for YBA; mixed YB choir to make debut; church schedule; memorial services.

Page 5: Sports articles on football.

Page 6: Smoke Signals column, plus cartoon and editorial.

Editorial about the schools.

The cartoon.

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