Rohwer Outpost Volume 3, #6-10

Volume 3 #6: July 21, 1943

Page 1: Further data on segregation; unauthorized leaves from center out; those who want repatriation are to see the attorney; press woman plans series; sketches by art student shown; high school to honor two.

Page 2: Cannery to be finished soon; co-op reveals added data; guests; many educators visit schools; relocation calendar; jobs open; special center cont.

Page 3: Relocation in agriculture; now showing; mess 26 wins permanent flag; new evacuee police captain; 50 to visit Shelby again; Scouts name men.

Page 4: YBA installation; club notes; RFCC to have junior choir; outdoor movies; CA calls for drama group; Marks views C.A. activities; toyland tops with children; Troop 11 gets new leaders.

Pages 5, 6: Sports.

Pages 7-11: In Japanese.

Volume 3 #7: July 24, 1943

Page 1: WRA officials to attend meet; truck accident hurts worker; Jones replaces Miller as chief; Sgt. Kuroki wins more honors in Africa; heat wave hits all Arkansas; 2nd baccalaureate.

Page 2: Cartoon; guests; outside employment; last rites; relocation calendar; junior high prints annual; co-op; work offers; center visited by welfare man; school guests.

Page 3: Vandals break into L.A. church, theft indicated; now showing; OWI releases information on Xmas packages to overseas men; graduation is set for Friday; Camp Shelby cancels visit; prenatal clinic time changed to midweek; mess contest winner keynotes hospitality.

Page 4: Club Notes; Rohwer gears for carnival-county fair; Ondo practices will begin Monday night; Bussei installs leaders tonight; no block 8 show; postwar study group to meet; Sunday church services.

Page 5; Notes on Y conference; Nisei volunteers are trying to catch up; seniors hold hit assembly; vital statistics; relocating family units.

Page 6: Editorial; Green Leaves.

Pages 7, 8: Sports.

Pages 9-12: In Japanese.

Volume 3 #8: July 28, 1943

Page 1: Commencement; resettlement in Denver area halted for 180 days; seek mosquito breeding pools; summer jobs for students; July graduates.

Page 2: Lt. Patch is new MP leader; outside employment; guests; relocation calendar; vital statistics; graduates cont.; Denver cont.

Page 3: Summer session starts; improvement in school plans; Montgomery ward to stop branch service; now showing; children's book exhibit.

Page 4: 341 actively engaged in local Scouting program; Club Notes; students' aid fund planned; committee makes carnival plans; Toppers hold classic hour; Crystal City scouts meet; graduates cont.; articles for obon publication called.

Pages 5, 6: Sports.

Pages 7-10: In Japanese.

Volume 3 #9: July 31, 1943

Page 1: Project head back at work; violation penalty; Army to take Nisei women; canteen note; consultant for Rohwer, Jerome to assist sick; claims on Sumitomo bank must be filed by November.

Page 2: Movie previews; initial school year successful; guests; co-op; vital statistics; outside employment; relocation calendar; men arrive to inspect equipment.

Page 3: Apartments to get spray guns; cinema notes; glasses: apply with welfare head; beef shipment enters center; typing class still open; library has small Japanese section; demand for water bottles; enrollment in class for sewing open; school publishes annual.

Page 4: Carnival plans advance; Club Notes; RFCC to hear Dumus pastor; reel education; Bussei prepare for August ondo nites; center campsite coming up; Sunday church services; jr. choir practice.

Page 5: Sports.

Page 6: Cartoon; Ediitorial; Smoke Signals Exchange.

Pages 7-10: In Japanese.

Volume 3 #10: Aug. 4, 1943

Page 1: Segregation date announced; WRA issues pamphlets; outgoing evacuees must carry classification cards; for aliens; WRA's responsibilities.

Page 2: Farm's first melon crop proves to be a bonanza; guests; visiting rules for hospital; outside employment; malaria notes; return school books; interviews of hotel workers tomorrow; Grand Junction men must fill forms; relocation calendar; pamphlets cont.; band members.

Page 3: Pasadena's roll of honor; high school students to aid agriculture; now showing; rabies to be controlled by vaccination of dogs; Nichiren's stored goods; vital statistics.

Page 4: Club Notes; county fair raffle soon; students' aid seen; postwar America group's topic; Camp Shelby calls again; Sonen-Kai members will visit Jerome; local Girl Scouts go on hike today; record hour.

Page 5: A letter; graduation held in impressive setting; Roll of Honor cont; Grand Junction area is being overcrowded; Myer's message cont.

Page 6: Editorial; Green Leaves.

Pages 7, 8: Sports.

Pages 9-12: In Japanese.

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