Rohwer Outpost Volume 3, #26-30

Volume 3 #26: Sept. 29, 1943

Page 1: 57 Tuleans transferred here; fire prevention week will be observed; PO releases August figures; managers discuss plan for wood distribution; Mangham back from Newell; Rohwer's pride-motor repair.

Page 2: Outside employment; repairs; guests; relocation calendar; now showing; vital statistics; Chesterfield-seasonal workers wanted.

Page 3: Tanaka & Smith synonymous; Red Cross-new flock of messages arrive; analyst begins broad research; lumberjacks to get compensation; co-op; fire prevention cont; motor maintenance cont.

Page 4: Photo studio cuts output; distribution of 'fair' fund made; Club Notes; guest speaker for tonight; Buddhist services follow new hours; new fiction, non-fiction available at library.

Page 5: Sports.

Page 6: Relocation centers have impressive low fire loss; Smoke Signals Exchange; beautification of cemetery; new residents from Tule Lake cont; sewing class photos ready.

Pages 7-10: In Japanese.

Volume 3 #27: Oct. 2, 1943

Page 1: Second group prepares to go; dry goods close; ban on coast still holds; leave names for magazine; co-op releases info on cash refunds; bonds-ad personnel buy $24,000.

Page 2: Cartoon; guests; relocation center; vital statistics; outside employment; Canadian evacuees' goods sold; typists jobs.

Page 3: Sorenson to go overseas; Wisconsin area good for resettlement; Sorenson's letter; Albright to handle student relocation; internal security not yet assured; Desha passes quota.

Page 4: New York YBA extends services for relocatees; Club Notes; high school activities; RFCC observe communion day; Buddhists reminded of new schedule; church schedule; pictures of garden exhibits on sale.

Page 5: Sports.

Page 6: Green Leaves; editorial; firemen wanted.

Pages 7-10: In Japanese

Volume 3 #28: Oct. 6, 1943

Page 1: Holiday for local schools; Tuleans will receive wood; second departure; resettlement on farms; anniversary issue planned; Midwest offers the best.

Page 2: Prenatal, child health clinics schedule given; guests; outside employment; vital statistics.

Page 3: Muskingum College has local enrollees; relocation calendar; now showing; commerce courses; Red Cross letters arrive; employer lauds work of Rohwer laborers; farming opportunity cont.

Page 4: Club Notes; local engai kai starts to act in Jerome's theatrical; Scouts set for court of honor; Rohwer school notes; Anna Williams speaks tonight; PTA members elect leaders; school board meet.

Page 5: Sports.

Page 6: Smoke Signals Exchange.

Editorial and reprint on Tule Lake problem.

Pages 7-10: In Japanese.

Volume 3 #29: Oct. 9, 1943

Page 1: Nisei troops now in action; relocation survey; Santa Fe internees return; Kennedy here to aid movement to Midwest; WAC again to visit Rohwer; Nisei soldier returns to U.S., qualifies for O.C.S.

Page 2: Lil Dan'l cartoon; guests; outside employment; now showing; relocation calendar; plans for school building.

Page 3: Beef shipment comes in, balances menus; training for women given; Granada charters a 'Chicago special' car; job openings unlimited cont; JA soldier tough and ready cont.

Page 4: Adult English student will receive award; film in color; recreation in blocks; Cabot pastor here Sunday; jr. high PTA meeting; charter awarded to cub pack 93; rohwer high's big surprise; church schedule.

Page 5: Sports.

Page 6: Green Leaves; editorial.

Pages 7-10: In Japanese.

Volume 3 #30: Oct. 13, 1943

Page 1: WACs-Lt. Ellis will interview all; housing movement; new construction to be instituted; talks, movie on tri-county; center stages search; P.O. Sept. figures.

Page 2: Outside employment; job transfers clarified; guests; Illinois leads job offers; housing standards to be maintained; vital statistics.

Shooting incident.

Page 3: More evacuee property to arrive from west coast; now showing; block managers election soon; wool yarn orders taken; resettlement of women to be topic of meetings; adult class staff given; Granada electors ineligible for poll; Shelby's JA officers; WRA deputy director dies.

Page 4: Scout Court of Honor held; relocation library; Club Notes; new course in rural world; 230 in adult class honored; home-crafters to get service; auditors end center visit; mushroom seeker returns safely; lost.

Page 5: Sports.

Page 6: Editorial; Smoke Signals Exchange.

Pages 7-10: In Japanese.

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