Rohwer Outpost Volume 3, #31-35

Volume 3 #31: Oct. 16, 1943

Page 1: Home fed porkers on way; removal of property in LA Betsuin requested; hospital adds to personnel; Sept. leaves number 168; workers' aid still in effect; Parmeter completes round on relocation for women.

Page 2: Lil Dan'l cartoon; guests; outside employment; now showing; relocation calendar; filing sick claims; school notes; Red Cross gets new mail replies; vital statistics.

Page 3: Evacuee freight arrive here; more ex-Tuleans to move in today from Jerome; Nisei on the battlefield; Westside PTA meeting planned; tri-county project given before crowd; prenatal care classes set; Eastide PTA elects new cabinet; Parmeter cont.

Page 4: Sermon to be offered by Pulaski Heights pastor; Club Notes; classrooms compete for church flag; three movies to be shown; another adult instructor added; Fellowship holds 3-day peace talk; church services.

Page 5: Sports.

Page 6:Green Leaves; editorial.

Pages 7-10: In Japanese.

Volume 3 #32: Oct. 20, 1943

Page 1: Million-pound production; Denver relocation; outside travel curtailed, gasoline use is cut 40%; CA sponsors anniversary Engei-kai.

Page 2: New property head to advise evacuees; two internees returned home; Western Union offers variety; special diet check-up continued; labor turnout on farm averages 250.

Violence against Japanese Americans.

Page 3: Circulation mounts for center library; Club Notes; happiness hour to meet; self-pity may lead to Nisei self-destruction; new consultant to visit here; apply for no. 4 ration book; pre-nursing course given to seniors; YWCA notes.

Page 4: Sports.

Page 5: Smoke Signals Exchange; editorial.

Pages 6-9: In Japanese.

Volume 3 #33: Oct. 23, 1943

Page 1: Engei Kai anniversary show tonight; center to get tofu; block managers leave center; winter crops being picked; Choate to visit here; Rains reveal data on second Tule Lake trip; personnel head here on visit.

Page 2: Procurement division distributes catalogs; guests; relocation calendar; now showing; prevues; outside employment; new adult class; vital statistics.

Page 3: Dr. Fisher visits again; new relocation office opens in Pennsylvania; xmas program being planned; new library invites all; new club head fills vacancy; church services; students obtain part-time jobs.

Page 4: Sports.

Pages 5-8: In Japanese.

Volume 3 #34: Oct. 27, 1943

Page 1: Speech tour starts today; wood crew; leaves require I.D. photograph; cemetery to have plants; new block managers for term announced; Grand Junction workers back.

Page 2: Outside employment; now showing; guests; Red Cross letters here; co-op notes; Girl Scouts hold rally; vital statistics; readers' guide.

Page 3: YPCF holds spirit party; fire prevention, car safety emphasized; big accident at Tule Lake; welfare staff enjoys bake; kits arrive for model plane club; Nisei do well on battlefront.

Page 4: Sports.

Pages 5-8: In Japanese.

Volume 3 #35: Oct. 30, 1943

Page 1: Election for council slated; inventory for mess; Ohio officer holds meeting; mail order to arrive soon; magazine to be delayed; fair employment practice aids Nisei.

Page 2: Reward for dog finder; now showing; guests; outside employment; relocation calendar; Choate to leave center; FEPC voices for equality; Red Cross asks for volunteers; YWCA meeting.

Page 3: Club notes; no school on Monday; Christmas committee starts preparations; reverend Kono speaks to YBA; beauty salon installs heat; church services; farewell party for office worker.

Page 4: Sports.

Pages 5-8: In Japanese.

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