Rohwer Outpost Volume 3, #46-50

Volume 3 #46: Dec. 8, 1943

Page 1: Schools end bond drive; relocation news; new wood supply; team to recruit MIS volunteers; travel restrictions; Stimson speaks; registration for nurseries.

Page 2: Peacock aids residents prepare tax returns; now showing; guests; more messages from Red Cross; relocation calendar; vital statistics; between huddles (from page 4); Cleveland library opens facilities to evacuees; sports.

Page 3: YWCA rally attracts 100; Cleveland area starts relocation newspaper; PTA meetings; co-op note; graduation mood at high school; leadership session terminates today; three attend YWCA confab; club notes; in gratitude; YBA cabinet meets.

Page 4: Sports.

Page 5, 6: In Japanese.

Volume 3 #47: Dec. 11 1943

Page 1: Co-op gets new heads; holiday shopping; Japanese movie to be presented; opening for 25 apprentices; center schools finance three jeeps.

Page 2: 50 Rohwer girls for Camp Shelby; now showing; guests; outside employment; relocation calendar; vital statistics; on 'black collar'; school starts annual drive; P. O. reports.

Page 3: Japanese Christian leaders hold national conference; RFCC notes; Aqua Pacifica; club notes; church services; Rev. Kono unable to attend service.

Page 4: Sports.

Pages 5, 6: In Japanese.

Volume 3 #48: Dec. 11 1943

Page 1: Camp Savage calls for men; repatriation news given; shortage of coal; welfare head goes to Tule; draft age evacuees warned to comply with regulation.

Page 2: Ichiba paints huge picture; now showing; guests; painting viewed; vital statistics; outside employment; Christmas mail; messages here from overseas; class in American institution meets; relocation calendar; message of appreciation.

Page 3: Travel regulations for relocated aliens given; Stormy Weather; firms prohibit discrimination; financial news reported by C.A.; evacuee goods at Hawaii transported.

Page 4: C.A. prepares for the coming holiday season; Shelby trip; club notes; gala show sets for New Years; Hunter attends Denver confab; Rohwer Boy Scouts to cut xmas trees; teacher speaks at happiness hour; Christmas gifts; YWCA board gives luncheon to guests; Japanese film makes big hit.

Page 5: Sports.

Page 6: Minneapolis paper defends loyal Japanese Americans; repatriation news cont; sports; draftee regulations cont; Stormy Weather cont; Camp Savage cont.

Pages 7-10: In Japanese.

Volume 3 #49: Dec. 18 1943

Page 1: Warning by fire dept; no influenza epidemic; holidays for local schools; Monday final shopping day; visits made by 3 WRA officials; MIS team; Lil Dan'l magazine out; notice; positions open for 27 lumberjacks.

Page 2: Aqua Pacifica; Movie Prevues; guests; relocation calendar; now showing; outside employment; vital statistics; lost and found.

Page 3: Grisworld RFCC speaker; Aqua Pacifica cont; club notes; messages from Japan listed; in appreciation; church services.

Page 4: Sports.

Pages 5-8: In Japanese.

Volume 3 #50: Dec. 24 1943

Page 1: Lil Dan'l to entertain; Yule-tide holiday; Christmas day celebrations; Rohwer Boy Scouts deliver Christmas trees.

Page 2: Lil Dan'l; now showing; guests; Kiba watches Cincinnatians prepare gifts for evacuees; friends, groups contribute gifts; vital statistics.

Page 3: Washington releases repatriation notices; WRA discusses appropriations; Aqua Pacifica; Dear Center Residents.

Page 4: Miss Coed to attend dance; USO meeting; special Christmas day services set by RFCC; clean up day; relocation calendar; club notes; Rev. Kono will speak to Buddhists; registration days for night classes; church services; Aqua Pacifica cont.

Page 5: Evacuee property in LA temple released; fire hazard precautions; Story Weather; repatriation notices cont; messages received through Red Cross.

Page 6: Combat team to get albums; Adventure of Butch; Stormy Weather cont; home nursing auxiliary.

Page 7: Adventure of Butch cont.

Page 8: Editorial-the Holiday Spirit; Smoke Signals Exchange.

Pages 9, 10: Sports.

Pages 11-14: In Japanese.

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