Rohwer Outpost Volume 4, #1-5

Volume 4 #1: Jan. 1, 1944

Special New Year's Edition.



Page 2: Editorial: Hope of a New Year.

Page 3: Rohwer celebrates new year; Toppers to present gala New Year's Eve dance; need workers to cut wood; residents get mochigome; employees to enjoy new year.

Page 4: Cartoon; guests; movie prevues; movies; lost and found; vital statistics; administrator joins hospital.

Page 5: Post New Year dance planned; co-op notes; Lil Dan'l magazine; inspection of Georgia; Stormy Weather; relocation calendar.

Page 6: Receive more overseas mails; RFCC observes new year; library will close nights; Stormy Weather cont; church services.

Page 7: Capt. Rusch describes Nisei plight in Japan; Aqua Pacifica; Rohwer children enjoy Christmas; in appreciation.

Page 8: Random Thoughts; ex-Rohwerite enjoys freedom; WACs-three Nisei girls inducted; they had a word for it; Aqua Pacifica cont.

Page 9: Dance rules; Protestants condemn race discrimination; on Rohwer's memento.

Page 10: A letter from Cincinnati; Smoke Signals Exchange; racial discrimination cont.

Pages 11-14: Sports.

Page 15: 1944 Calendar.

Pages 16-23: In Japanese.

Volume 4 #2: Jan. 8, 1944

Page 1: Fuel Wood-400 loads cut in three days; co-op to refund; co-op starts cash sale; plans for USO to be discussed; national conference planned for discussions on relocation; Bodine visits center school.

Page 2: Outside employment; now showing; guests; messages here from overseas; relocation calendar; vital statistics; lost and found.

Page 3: Confab set on evacuee goods; back to California?; relocation head from East here; eastside PTA calls off January meet; Rohwer makes record month; senior A's will hold there baccalaureate service; coal supply, saws procured; high school set for senior prom.

Page 4: Floating By; Rev. Kono to speak Sunday; club notes; Dr. Hunter to sermonize; girls to visit Shelby; church services.

Page 5: Sports.

Page 6: Night school classes start; home nursing auxiliary meets; floating by cont; Chicago confab cont; residents asked to keep sales slip; labor shortage smites press; cash sale cont; between huddles.

Volume 4 #3: Jan. 12, 1944

Page 1: Commencement exercises set; schools open doors to Nisei; new student body officers; two delegates to attend conference.

Page 2: Garage work for 200 men; now showing; relocation calendar; guests; vital statistics; lost and found; outside employment; club notes.

Page 3: Co-op meet; Boy Scouts will hold award meet; relocation officer of New York area in center; P.O. reports for December; girls prepare for Camp Shelby; passports for East Coast Nisei seamen now issued.

Page 4: Cartoon; Pink Leaves; class of winter '44 totals 40 students; award assembly set for Friday; in appreciation; passports cont; acknowledgment by Rohwer YWCA board.

Pages 5, 6: In Japanese.

Volume 4 #4: Jan. 15, 1944

Page 1: Holiday lumberjacking will continue; relocation-two delegates to visit South; operations head here; hospital gets medical head; co-op names new managers; Rohwer population statistics released.

Page 2: Outside employment; now showing; guests; relocation calendar; receive more overseas mail; movie previews; senior high PTA holds program; Westside elementary PTA meets Tuesday; lost and found.

Page 3: Rohwer co-op notes; Floating By; Holy Communion at RFCC service; club notes; church services; teacher will speak to Rohwer Bussei; lost and found.

Page 4: Straight from California; Boy Scouts-two patrols get charter; seniors hold banquet; Floating By cont; Rohwer population analyzed.

Pages 5, 6: In Japanese.

Volume 4 #5: Jan. 19, 1944

Page 1: Tule Lake under WRA rule again; center to construct poultry house; inclement weather hampers center's fuel situation; new ruling affects cars; mess heads meet officers; plan to release Sumitomo dividends.

Page 2: Outside employment; now showing; guests; relocation calendar; training for library work; cable from former C.A. head; vital statistics; receive more overseas mail.

Page 3: Club notes; relocation conference in Chicago postponed; fire causes slight damage to home; enroute for Florida, Georgia; adult English class starts; Rohwer USO meets again; Nisei church holds election; lost and found; few openings for tyros; happiness hour today at P.S. 2.

Page 4: Lil Dan'l; co-op notes; sports; food confab with Army buyers.

Pages 5, 6: In Japanese.

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