Rohwer Outpost Volume 4, #21-25

Volume 4 #21: March 15, 1944

Page 1: Officials from Washington stop her for visit; inductees on leave; last day to file 1943 tax forms; first inductees go; new first aid class starts; Boy Scouts to hold field day; evacuee goods coming here; sewing students graduate.

Page 2: Blinded Nisei soldier writes; guests; fire dept. loses evacuee chief; now showing; financial news released by CA; messages come from overseas; relocation data; vital statistics.

Pages 3, 4: Sports.

Pages 5-8: In Japanese.

Volume 4 #22: March 18, 1944

Page 1: Induction details; segregees-third group moves later; spring planting begins; block farmers to receive aid for V gardens; leave clearances for residents over.

Page 2: Commencement exercises for adult sewing class tonight; guests; now showing; commentator lauds Nisei.

Page 3: Dr. Wayland to speak at RFCC; USO to entertain; new YBA cabinet; co-op notes; Chapman speaks at YPCF; relocation calendar; church services; Chapman at happiness hour.

Page 4: Sports.

Pages 5-8: In Japanese.

Volume 4 #23: March 22, 1944

Page 1: Moody to Washington; 54 draftees to report on Friday; farewell social; Toppers to present movies; draftees from Rohwer High.

Page 2: Relocation calendar; guests; now showing; cockroach spray ready for residents; Red Cross messages.

Page 3: Films needed at the Tule Lake camp; free movies on tap soon; 1944 almanacs come in again; Westside elementary PTA to sponsor big field day; two Rohwer Hi-Y's to attend confab; RFCC calendar; more Nisei report for physical exams cont; overseas messages cont; radio shop to be closed for a while; vital statistics.

Page 4: Sports.

Pages 5-8: In Japanese.

Volume 4 #24: March 25, 1944

Page 1: Nisei to join reserve corps; Johnston's message on draft; Topper's benefit movies to be shown tomorrow; Red Cross drive reports; advanced first aid class opens.

Page 2: National YMCA to give aid in resettlement problem; workers needed for vital center jobs; guests; movie previews; now showing; local students outstanding; relocation calendar; oversea messages; YMCA notice; vital statistics.

Page 3: Two years, 22,400 relocate; farewell social for inductees canceled; new books in center library.

California again.

Page 4: RFCC calendar; priest expected; Scouts honored at board of review; club notes; an appreciation note; church services.

Page 5: Minneapolis now group IV; undersecretary Fortas commends WRA policy; interior dept. cont.

Page 6: Sports.

Pages 7-10: In Japanese.

Volume 4 #25: March 29, 1944

Page 1: Trial relocation offered, repatriation made clear; gov't pays for freight cost; Rohwer in deluge.

Page 2: Enrollment starts for adult education; now showing; guests; Troop 90 field day winner; overseas messages; relocation calendar.

Page 3: Last day for free movie show; protecting power acts for alien Japanese only; Rev. Morikawa will lead pre-Easter conference; draft-age boys must register; overseas mails cont; club notes; nursery school needs teacher; vital statistics.

Page 4: Sports.

Page 5:April calendar.

Pages 6-9: In Japanese.

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