Rohwer Outpost Volume 6, #1-5

Volume 6 #1: Dec. 23, 1944

Page 1: Christmas=celebration; Moulton given new position; coast reloc. offices open; Nisei WACs, G.I.s to sing on NBC; Johnson's message; induction physicals.

Page 2: Guests; social welfare staff has party; caroling for Christmas eve planned; in appreciation; Red Cross mail.

Page 3: RFCC thanked by servicemen for Christmas gift; tonight's Christmas program; YBAs plan program, social; YWCA yule message; scouts cut xmas trees; need operators.

Page 4: A Yule message to soldiers; Y boys send xmas gifts; RFCC to hear Sakaue Sun; YBA notes; church services.

Page 5: Once Overs; movie prevues; now showing; cartoon strip.

Page 6: Sports.

Pages 7-12: In Japanese.

Volume 6 #2: Dec. 30, 1944

Page 1: 23 reservists leave Jan. 8; center visits must be approved; New Years not center holiday; Bronze Star awarded S/Sgt.; procedure for coast return; to assist in policy prob.; Myer sends holiday message.

Page 2: Guests; now showing; movie prevues; security rep. at McGehee; Red Cross mail; Nisei to get legal service; claim class jewelry at senior high school; 2 mid-west relocation offices merged.

Page 3: New Years' Eve Bussei service; New Year's Eve Bussei social; Dayton chest to aid Nisei; RFCC notes; RFCC groups to meet jointly; Finch, 171st bat. donate candy; mail order for Japanese foods; vital statistics; church services.

Page 4: Once Overs; shibai slated; outlook for the new year of 1945; mess 38 wins xmas honors.

Page 5: Memphis paper runs favorable editorial; many send xmas gifts to center; Ickes thinks many will not return to Cal; USO greetings.

Page 6: Sports; cartoon strip; Ickes cont.

Pages 7: 1945 calendar.

Pages 8-15: In Japanese.

Volume 6 #3: Jan. 3, 1945

Page 1: Ickes issues statement to WRA residents; procedure for obtaining western defense I.D. card; cleared notice info is given; active duty instructions; blaze alarms block 29; cleared lists for residents.

Page 2: Guests; now showing; once overs; 5 to look into Cal. conditions; Red Cross mail.

Page 3: S. Cal. returnees should contact local organ't; Ickes cont; Once Overs cont; relocation calendar; co-op note; vital statistics; cartoon strip.

Pages 4-6: In Japanese.

Volume 6 #4: Jan. 6, 1945

Page 1: Local Nisei among G.I'.s commended; give series on post-exclusion; info available on renunciation; begin movies in auditorium; substance grant issue.

Page 2: Once Overs; editorial; adult education registration for beginners; USO; softball game.

Page 3: Guests; now showing; social notes; relocation calendar; YBA notes; shibai to run two evenings; vital statistics; RFCC notes; church services.

Page 4: Subsistence grants cont; notice given ctr. visitors; post-exclusion cont; senior PTA to hold meeting; whooping cough serum received; cartoon strip.

Pages 5-8: In Japanese.

Volume 6 #5: Jan. 10, 1945

Page 1: Chomori in Miami hosp; immigration bu. to be opened; deny story of attack on five; post-exclusion bulletin no. 2.

Page 2: Once Overs; guests; relocation calendar; high schoolers elect officers; 38 participate in checker bouts; new toyland 2 opens; YWCA notes; co-op notes; vital statistics.

Page 3: 99 seniors to participate in midwinter graduation; eleven boys in all around boys contest; Japanese movie to run 2 nights; Red Cross messages; Estes, Wells attend Denver conference; the Rev. Mather appointed Pittsburg reloc. officer.

Page 4: Mochigome to arrive soon; goh contest; once overs cont; bulletin #2 cont. Red Cross mail cont.

Page 5-8: In Japanese.

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