Rohwer Outpost Volume 6, #6-10

Volume 6 #6: Jan. 13, 1945

Page 1: Senior 'As' to have service; '45 class will get dplomas; consider problems; relocation favorable in New Orleans region.

Page 2: 100th battalion men cited; baccalaureate service; YBA to welcome Rev. Kono at initiation tonight; relocation calendar; Japanese movies on tap; guests; Bodine to interview students; change postage rate for Hawaii air-mail.

Page 3: Rev. Kono to speak to Bussei; regulation for packages to Japanese P.W.S.; RFCC to have Dr. Garrot; 40 Japanese library books; Rohwer girl elected to Ark. club cabinet; commercial classes will be organized; Dr. Hunter in center for one day; center has visitor; vital statistics; church services.

Page 4: Sports; Once Overs; study problems cont.

Pages 5-8: In Japanese.

Volume 6 #7: Jan. 17, 1945

Page 1: 99 to graduate Fri; wounded PFC visits center; physical induction; post-exclusion bulletin #3; agencies want ex-employees; co-op to show 2 movies a week.

Page 2: 'King of Kings' showing scheduled; woman wanted as ass't secy; guests; to recruit for Decatur farming; relocation calendar; Red Cross messages; vital statistics.

Page 3: Commencement exercises; pamphlets on Philadelphia issued; sr. PTA meeting is successful; diplomas cont.; Dr. Hunter leaves message.

Page 4: Once Overs; social notes; jr. sr. H. hour meet tonight; graduates cont.

Pages 5-8: In Japanese.

Volume 6 #8: Jan. 20, 1945

Page 1: Relocation grant clarified; evac. property changes office; Owens gives instructions on personal property matters; assures soldiers of help for families.

Page 2: Guests; 'King of Kings' showing tonight; girls wanted at basket co.; relocation calendar; Red Cross messages; movie prevues; vital statistics.

Page 3: Post-exclusion bulletin no. 4; Rev. Kono's last sermon Sunday; property cont; subsistence cont; local USO invites visiting servicemen; church services.

Page 4: Once overs; sports; servicemen assured kin to receive aid cont; post-exclusion cont.

Pages 5-8: In Japanese.

Volume 6 #9: Jan. 24, 1945

Page 1: Must register on becoming 18; eastern-southern restrictions; post-exclusion bulletin 4.

Page 2: Once Overs; relocation calendar; guests; Twilighteneers elect officers; shoe repair note; Nisei church business meet; vital statistics.

Page 3: Commencement held Friday; YBA elect dist. officers; Nappa arrives from Gila center; Japanese American com. sponsors relief bill; 6th grade Eaglets elect class officers; Sunday school teachers to meet.

Page 4: Sports.

Pages 5-8: In Japanese.

Volume 6 #10: Jan. 27, 1945

Page 1: Calif. att'y general's message; new barrack added for relocation division's use; S.F. WRA reports on Florin, Mayhew fires.

Page 2: Once Overs; guests; to entertain b.39 old-aged; relocation calendar; movie prevues; vital statistics.

Page 3: YBA to sponsor President's ball; pre-valentine hop planned; Grace Sumida reports opportunities in L.A.; will organize adult classes; post-exclusion bill no. four ; national Army art contest; canteen receipts of last year are valid.

Page 4: YBA honoring bishop's wife; once overs cont; club notes; RFCC to hear Rev. Sakaue; church schedule.

Page 5: N.Y. offers opportunities; protection for returnees (Warren) cont; post-exclusion cont.

Page 6: Sports.

Pages 7-10: In Japanese.

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