Rohwer Outpost Volume 6, #21-25

Volume 6 #21: March 7, 1945

Page 1: Confab makes recommendations to WRA, Myer; DSC presented Friday; hostel opening in Los Angeles; team completes center hearings; offer Spring shibai; no deportation fear for aliens; slate free movies for children; Long Beach YWCA welcomes Eva.

Page 2: Mesa Orchards wants 60; return sales receipts now; guests; prohibit poultry within enclosures; relocation calendar; give Stork Club couples social; organize Besteens; rabies certificates; vital statistics.

Page 3: Cal. CIO approves return; file declaration of 1945 estimated tax; evacuee doings; free movies; sutra class.

Page 4: Once Overs; sports.

Pages 5-8: In Japanese.

Volume 6 #22: March 10, 1945

Page 1: Citation to units of 442nd; Pfc. reported as POW in Germany; delegates from China to visit; drive slated; USO opens.

Page 2: Give Great Lakes farming offers; guests; Philadelphia truck farm opportunity for families; CA presents free movies; junior hi. PTA; movie prevues.

Page 3: Girl Scouts to celebrate; YBA notes; export-import men start business now; beauty shop to be closed Thursday P.M.; RFCC notes; Dr. Arne of New Orleans here; organize Kibei English class; Rev. Imamura handles hostel; church services.

Page 4: Once Overs; sports.

Pages 5-8: In Japanese.

Volume 6 #23: March 14, 1945

Page 1: War field promotion for Nisei soldier; observe 2nd anniversary; conclusions of Nisei conclave is summarized; Cal. bound car; center hears report on Salt Lake conference; seek workers for Michigan truck farm.

Page 2: Ark. Wilson Plantation manager to visit center; guests; permits for entry required; may enroll in Kibei classes; post ex-bul. 5 part 4; relocation calendar; co-op notes; vital statistics.

Page 3: Once Overs; New York hostel is available; council; cigarette coupons; bulletin cont; club notes.

Page 4: Once Overs cont; children's free movies; sports; Red Cross mail; confab report cont.

Pages 5-8: In Japanese.

Volume 6 #24: March 17, 1945

Page 1: Chinese delegates on center visit; Nisei also serve in S. Pacific area; WRA employs Nisei veteran; teen-age canteen open.

Page 2: Once Overs; movie prevue; guests; vital statistics; relocation calendar; post-ex bul.

Page 3: USO to show movies tonight; evacuee bulletin issued by Lodi h.s.; RFCC notes; church services.

Page 4: Once Overs cont; sports; educational movies; laundry soap; USO open; Bethlehem Steel Co. has job openings; Pacific area cont.

Pages 5-8: In Japanese.

Volume 6 #25: March 21, 1945

Page 1: Red Cross drive yields $1939.45; active duty for 19; certificate of birth needed; Times issues special edition; appear board arrives Sunday; bill kills job discrimination; USO will sponsor farewell social.

Page 2: Curtis Candy Co. farm wants fifteen; relocation calendar; guests; Red Cross mail; lost and found; vital statistics.

Page 3: Muck farm employment; Rohwerian finds Stockton friendly; S. California domestic jobs; continue Nisei confab study; will hold sutra class; CA presents free movies.

Page 4: Once Overs; sports.

Pages 5-8: In Japanese.

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