Rohwer Replicator

I have only been able to find a few of these issues.

Volume 1, #10, Aug. 1, 1945

Page 1: Special Train in August; administrative notice No. 285

Pages 2-4: Continuation of administrative notice. v

Volume 1, #12, Aug. 8, 1945

Page 1: Special train set for Aug. 15th.

Volume 1, #14, Aug. 15, 1945

Page 1: Administrative notice no. 289.

Volume 1, #15, Aug. 18, 1945

Page 1: Statement regarding September train; train representative; Seabrook recruiter here; bring your own interpreters.

Page 2: Farm opportunities in Michigan; produce house work; relocation officer to visit center; secretarial opportunity; teaching opportunity; floral company opportunity; scholarships for Nisei students.

Page 3: News of Rohwer relocatees: St. Louis, Omaha, Stockton, Kansas City; Navy paper defends Nisei.

Page 4: Los Angeles hostels; end of New Jersey incident; Japanese language newspaper for Chicago; federal indictment in doi case; from Charleston editorial; school notes-Chicago, Sacramento.

Volume 1, #17, Sept. 1, 1945

Page 1: Record number to leave Sept. 7; Allison reports on second train; holiday and change in work hours; bring pink books to relocation office.

Page 2: Relocation opportunities: Little Rock, Memphis, Livingston (CA), Washington D.C., Grand Junction (CO), Seabrook (NJ); keep bills of lading.

Page 3: News of Rohwer relocatees: Pittsburgh, Chicago, St. Louis, Kansas City, Mr. Carmel (Conn).

Page 4: Nisei soldiers lead parade (in Italy); Fort Snelling graduates in occupation forces; jobs plentiful in Chicago; aliens may own land in New York; oldtimers greet newcomers to New York.

Volume 1, #18, Sept. 8, 1945

Page 1: Another Sept. train possible; Army cancels exclusion notices; land, jobs and housing in California; Coast Guard restrictions on Nisei lifted.

Page 2: Information on new hostels (St. Louis, Milwaukee, Columbus).

Page 3: News of Rohwer relocatees (St. Louis, San Francisco, Omaha, Visalia, Stockton)

Page 4: Nisei veteran joins VFW post; comrades celebrate victory; charter issued for Japanese-American newspaper; FBI check only routine; dentist returns to Los Angeles; WRA will help obtain license; Minidoka doctor returns to Sacramento; returnee on University of California faculty.

Volume 1, #19, Sept. 14, 1945

Page 1: Information on special train; relocation booms; Rohwer second in relocation; explanation of exclusion cancellation.

Page 2: Housing for veteran's and service men's facilities; housing assistance in California; California farming opportunities.

Page 3: No hospitals or clinics on Saturdays; new Detroit hostel; block workers reduced; free legal advice in Los Angeles; WRA employs three Nisei at Santa Ana.

Page 4: New relocation information; housing and jobs in Connecticut river valley; news of Rohwer relocatees (Detroit, Ann Arbor, Stockton, Chicago.)

Volume 1, #20, Sept. 21, 1945

Page 1: Another train leaves September 28; information on Chicago housing; 442nd veteran visits center.

Page 2: Relocation opportunities; new relocation information; some Fort Snelling graduates go to Japan.

Page 3: News of Rohwer relocatees; Jerome resident veteran of World Wars I and II.

Page 4: Department of Justice statement concerning internees; returnees get public housing; Nisei present memorial funds to President; Nisei teaches in Minn. high school; pharmacist returns to Los Angeles; war depts. sponsor tolerance speaker.

Volume 1, #22, Sept. 28, 1945

Page 1: Sept. 28 train postponed; Poston sets relocation pace; Wilson Plantation School honors Nisei; give information on new address.

Page 2: Work, housing and a university available; Mr. Narita sends good offer; two more hostels to be established if needed; school notes.

Page 3: News of Rohwer relocatees.

Page 4: Relocatee exhibits paintings; CIO asks discharge for discrimination; Issei prosper in Chicago; General Devers lauds Nisei soldiers; fifty families enter Long Beach housing project; Seattle project houses 12 families.

Volume 1, #23, Oct. 7, 1945

Page 1: Two special coaches for Oct. 18; Poston and Gila units close on schedule; change in clothing allowance payments; St. Louis relocation officer to visit here; relocation progress.

Page 2: Reception in Cincinnati, Ohio; special relocation opportunities; International Harvester hires Nisei; L.A. business school welcomes Nisei; department store wants former Nisei workers.

Page 3: Housing for all families of Nisei soldiers; pension claims changed by relocation; Fresno housing and employment situation; evacuee lawyer joins L.A. Times.

Page 4: News of Rohwer relocatees; Los Angeles marketing situation; want ad specifies Japanese American.

Volume 1, #24, Oct. 12, 1945

Page 1: Closing plans announced by project director.

Page 2: Special coach to Chicago; Granada to close on schedule; Rohwer residents investigate Wilson plantation.

Page 3: September pay on Oct. 15 and 18; Yokohama specie bank payments to begin soon; new relocation information; how to get school credits.

Page 4: News of Rohwer relocatees.

Volume 1, #25, Oct. 19, 1945

Page 1: Mr. Narita reports on trip.

Page 2: Above continued; Mr. Johnson comments on Mr. Narita's report; new relocation information; ministers of New Hampshire extend welcome.

Page 3: Painter's union accepts evacuees; Chicago company wants Nisei or Issei workers; evacuee buys large apartment house in Chicago; Wilson offer revised.

Page 4: News of Rohwer relocatees.

Volume 1, #26, Oct. 26, 1945

Page 1: Train leaves Nov. 9, Chicago coach on Nov. 6; Mr. Narita's letter to center residents.

Page 2: Fund started to rebuild burned home; demand for Nisei workers exceeds supply in Baltimore; separate Buddhist services for Issei in Chicago; first Nisei G.I. to join veteran's administration.

Page 3: News of Rohwer relocatees.

Page 4: New job offers in East reserved for Rohwerites; Minidoka closes ahead of schedule; large hostel opens in New York; WRA leaves Tule Feb. 1, 1946.

Volume 1, #27, Nov. 2, 1945

Page 1: Many residents turn East; special request on freight crating; monument to be dedicated Sunday.

Page 2: News of Rohwer relocatees.

Page 3: Nisei honored by Wisconsin schoolmates; Issei meet in Kansas City; board of equalization permits now issued; Chicago hotel employs many Issei; owner of New Jersey greenhouse praises evacuee workers.

Page 4: Seven families to settle in southeast Missouri; housing available in New York; relocation boom at Tule; addresses of former Jerome residents sought; Japanese editor joins New York news agency.

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