Rohwer Outpost Volume 6, #46-50

Volume 6 #46: June 2, 1945

Page 1: Three cars for Calif. scheduled this month; New York: Nisei girls receive praise; essential workers will be excused from clean-up; 5 additions to relocation staff; nursery schools; USO tonight; changes made in resettlement aid.

Page 2: Relocation calendar; artist attends Russ wedding; guests; movie schedule.

Page 3: Local church news; Once Overs; Sunday services.

Page 4: Sports.

Volume 6 #47: June 6, 1945

Page 1: WRA takes over temporary aid; General Clark honors 442nd; to leave on special car; Rohwer heads all relocation again; annuals arrive.

Page 2: Once Overs; guests; relocation calendar; recruiter from Martin Box Factory to be here.

Page 3: Rohwer personality; 4 additions to Bible school; Hatton to speak to happiness hour; CA notes; Harada to head district 1 cabinet; teen-age canteen to reopen soon; YBA sponsors firefly dance; Seventh Day Adventist services.

Page 4: Sports; once overs cont; two evacuee women wanted for domestic work; civil service jobs open in Calif.

Pages 5-8: In Japanese.

Volume 6 #48: June 9, 1945

Page 1: Two receive high awards; DSC presented posthumously; resettlement assistance program; veterans & soldiers property exemption; new NJASRC head visits Rohwer.

Page 2: Once Overs; guests; relocation calendar; next week's movies; Long Island farmer wants supervisor for farm.

Page 3: Local church news; USO notes; Nisei PW returns home; Rohwer high receives an 'A' warning; Sunday services.

Page 4: Sports; once overs cont; citation of Silver Star hero; shoe repair equipment for sale; Nisei PW cont.

Pages 5-8: In Japanese.

Volume 6 #49: June 13, 1945

Page 1: 10th special car leaves Friday; resettlement assistance; pumphouse asks for cooperation of all; Rohwer's second PW returns home; teen-age club reopens here; comm. council chairman leaves.

Page 2: Once Overs; relocation calendar; guests; summer series for children to begin; CA free movies; vital statistics.

Page 3: Bible classes hold final exercises; new officers for YBA; O-bon odori; congress cuts appropriation for 1946 WRA; medical care reduced; Seventh Day Adventists schedule.

Page 4: Sports; Hattori to recruit workers; WRA health plan cont; once overs cont; resettlement aid cont; job offered; Red Cross heads.

Pages 5-8: In Japanese.

Volume 6 #50: June 16, 1945

Page 1: Japanese movie to be shown; Washington announces no more ERC for Nisei; eligibility rules for grants; hostel to open; survey to be conducted; USO to open; discussion to be held.

Page 2: Guests; next week movies; evacuee fire chief; relocation calendar; shoe repair shop closes for one week.

Page 3: Local church news; housing available in Peoria, Ill; wounded G.I. visits Rohwer; Sunday services.

Page 4: Sports; PA farm opening; job offers received.

Pages 5-8: In Japanese.

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