Rohwer Outpost Volume 1, #11-17

Volume 1, #11: December 2, 1942

Page 1: Emergency G.I. grants begin; plan to haul logs; 3247 get pay; council makes WRA research; CA head asks patience on news translation.

Page 2: Debater's club; drivers have license now; C.A. (community activities) meeting; 300 hear Smith; Council research committees named (from page 1); full program needs unity (from page 1).

Page 3: Gila starts mess contest; Boy Scouts to hold board of review; Girl Scouts hold get-together; council to issue charter translations; check car use on weekends; center guests.


Page 4: Lots to be made into farm land; letters to the editor; vital statistics; orchestra will rehearse tonight; advisory council named for activities section; keep children away from hospital.

Interesting legal problem.

Page 5: sports.

Page 6: Smoke Signals column; editorials; cartoon.

Page 1: Grants set for unemployed; WRA enters new era; Denson to Kansas City-Montgomery Ward orders; new administrator arrives; persons eligible for social security act compensations advised to file claims.

Page 2: Guests; YBA holds candlelight installation ceremony; requirements for outside work told (from page 1); Sunday church services.

Page 3: Presenting E.B. Mouton, chief of employment and housing; library opens doors Monday; new WRA employment policies to govern job procedure; Ward branch to benefit center; co-op committee to manage beauty shop.

Page 4: Club notes; Rohwer Federated Christians to hold initial election; Manzanar paging Frank Kusumoto; Buddhist services to be held; Miller starts fire prevention course; fire chief and aide promoted; WRA defines duties of block manager and councilman; go tournament.

Page 5: Sports.

Page 6: Smoke Signals column; editorials; cartoon.

Volume 1, #13: December 9, 1942

Page 1: Storage transit set; new payroll system told; registration for draft to start; outdoor workers receive emergency clothing issue.

Page 2: Office course organized; center guests; WRA to assume responsibility for property transfer; post office deals in $45,583 business; Kawasaki requests return of lumber.

Page 3: Camp Savage private writes; presenting C.V. Updegraff, chief of supply and transportation; gravel walks to replace boards; canteen to cash travelers checks; mess crews to undergo change; holiday committee to formulate gala Christmas and New Years program; mothers rejoin families.

Page 4: Library to offer wide variety of books and magazines; Scouts to build log cabins; landscapers ask tree conservation; Rains and Hatchett visit west coast; new equipment aids farming; sixth grade has highest attendance.

Page 5: Dinner for noted Arkansans; education news sheet to begin; physicals given students soon; Camp Livingston residents all well; Johnson emphasizes importance of up-to-date statistics; children not to visit parents in hospital; dance orchestra to rehearse tonight.

Page 6: Club notes; Ando and Kiba to speak to Arkansas Rotary clubs; women health teachers needed; families may join internees; RFCC elects board officers; vital statistics; YBA announces new installation date; CA activities Price presents nine special Scout awards.

Page 7: Sports.

Page 8: Smoke Signals column; editorial; cartoon.

Volume 1, #14: December 9, 1942

Page 1: Registration program released; new work schedule to take effect Monday; community enterprises ready to expand, say sellers; storage transit lists wanted; second pay starts.

Page 2: Cartoon; first outside workers leave; board of review; draft registration dates set for 18-year-olds; co-op plan for all businesses from page 1; second payroll schedule.

Page 3: Contrabands released; presenting F.R. Mangham,chief of administrative division; chorus and orchestra to hold rehearsal; University of California extension courses available; no buses for school children; vital statistics; who's got the six blue jackets?

Page 4: Ninety feted at CA goodwill dinner; jives scheduled for weekend merrymakers; YPC fellowship holds forum; tailoring classes to begin Monday; Buddhists to have student registration; Protestant English service; church services schedule; YBA to install league cabinet.

Page 5: Sports.

Page 6: Smoke Signals column; editorial; paper's staff.

Volume 1, #15: December 16, 1942

Page 1: Only wood for fuel; citizens may use cameras; new paper to appear; mail order department, unit of enterprises, states sellers; transfer of stored items; farm land development begins in preparition for Spring planting.

Page 2: Transfers limited; center guests; editor Sakai to assume duties; Rocky Nippon calls for contributions; cooperative to pay patronage dividends on tabulated purchase records; instruction added to teaching staff; farm equipment needed.

Page 3: Presenting J.B. Hunter, Chief of Community Services division; boil drinking water; subsistence rates for visiting members of armed forces named; Christmas vacation comes again!; notice (recent editorial not from the paper's own staff).

Page 4: Inter-center visitor describes relocation life in Colorado; club notes; mochi to tickle palates of New Year merrymakers, promised; midwest paper to publish daily accounts of Arkansas centers (in the St. Louis Dispatch); Rotarians to tour center; vital statistics; here's your chance, grables and gables.

Page 5: Sports.

Page 6: Smoke Signals column; editorial page, Lil' Dan'l cartoon.

Volume 1 #16, Dec. 19, 1942

Page 1: Youth jobs limited; urgent call: persons to transliterate; registrar calls draft-age boys; sufficient firewood assured; enterprises chief inducted.

Page 2: Girl Scout troops invite parents to Christmas party; guests; CA to aid candy-seekers; school to issue report cards; guests; musicians to form new band; deadline given for contrabands; community lumberjack crews to build emergency wood supply, from page 1; recent CA guests write.

Page 3: Students name school newspaper; holiday committee to present gala program; distribution of mackinaws to all workmen begins; jovial chief of public work; addition made to hospital staff.

Page 4: Club notes; a poem; to hold Sabbath day services; church choir to perform; varied Buddhist plans; visiting college students to speak; church services.

Page 5: Sports.

Page 6: Smoke Signals column; editorials; cartoon.

Volume 1 #17, Dec. 24, 1942

Page 1: Christmas program; Saint Nick will deliver the goods tonight; attention! fire hazards.

Page 2: fair-play for relocation students advocated; co-op moves forward; guests; Christmas gifts continues from page 1; vital statistics; center talents to present outdoor pageant featuring birth of Christ.

Page 3: Center store: dry goods and hardware sold; clothing grants for unemployed begins; students need part-time jobs; student names requested; initial transfer group entrain for other relocation projects; old fuel distribution system revised.

Page 4: Very Truly Yours; cartoon; Boy Scout troop stage gay Christmas programs; Girl Scouts select project; forest hiking trip planned; seal drive nets results.

Page 5: Grade school present show; federated Christians to hold Christmas service; national secretary to aid in establishing permanent YWCA; adult classes to start; Catholics not to have mass; holiday committee to decorate tree; the people outside are all right, says visiting collegiate; students enjoy yuletide songs; church services.

Page 6: Survey shows center hospital up-to-date; youth activities leader arrives; Caucasian personnel to pay rental for quarters; rest-home plans abandoned; extra gypsum boards will be collected.

Legion prejudice.

Page 7: Sports.

Page 8: Smoke Signals column; editorial.

Volume 1 #17, Dec. 24, 1942

This is a 2-page paper in Japanese, and is numbered volume 1 number 2. The date is the noted one, though, so it's not just an insert into the regular paper.

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