Rohwer Hi-Lites high school newspaper

Densho has some of the issues of the paper. What I will do here primarily is just point out anything I think is of considerable interest. As with any high school paper, these will have articles on sports, specific students, things about specific teachers, editorials, etc.

Volume 6 #1, February 2, 1945

The first issue is 8 pages long. Dillon Myer gave a talk to the juniors and seniors. There's one whole page on airplanes, and a page of cartoons.

Volume 6 #2, February 14, 1945

The same types of things as in the first issue. This one is six pages long.

Volume 6 #3, March 2, 1945

A letter to the editor talks about some vandalism at the school. This issue is also six pages long.

Volume 6 #4, March 16, 1945

The issue is six pages long.

Volume 6 #5, March 23, 1945

This issue is four pages long.

Volume 6 #6, March 30, 1945

This is another four page issue. There will be a senior pamphlet but not a yearbook as such.

Volume 6 #7, April 6, 1945

Another four pages long issue.

Volume 6 #8, April 13, 1945

Four pages long.

Volume 6 #9, April 20, 1945

Four pages long.

Volume 6 #10, April 27, 1945

Four pages long. Like the others without comments, this issue has nothing that caught my attention.

Volume 6 #11, May 4, 1945

Four pages long.

Volume 6 #12, May 11, 1945

Four pages long. It talks about V-E Day.

Final Edition, May 25, 1945.

Page 1: Award assembly held; commencement to be tonight; Sakura wins honor; senior leaders

Page 2: Morturus salutaamus; goodbye, goodbye, goodbye.

Page 3: Meet life bravely; from class officers; make up your mind.

Page 4: Couples a la mode; humor; gallup poll; flops, failures.

Page 5: Rohwer comics.

Page 6: Sports.

Page 7: Travel talk; school closes; pamphlets distributed; PTA banquet; baccalaureate held.

Page 8: Meet; cartoons

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