From a You Tube video.

One of the women known as Tokyo Rose.


Another image of her broadcasting. The video then talks about the use of propaganda in World War II by both Allied and Axis nations. The way it was done was to use radio broadcasts to the opposing civilians and troops. British traitors did this for Nazi radio.

Lord Haw Haw was one of this and he was captured and hung after the war was over.


This was one of the women broadcasts who worked under the name Axis Sally. As to Tokyo Rose, there were several Japanese Americans who did broadcasting.


Even though there was more than one woman who broadcast as Tokyo Rose, American Media focused on only one woman. Her shows lacked the anti-allied propaganda done by the British traitors. She used jokes and popular music. The video has part of one of her broadcasts.


The broadcasts were made after Japan had begun losing the war. The broadcasts were actually popular. The there's another part of a broadcast when she is funny, sort of flirty and again plays popular music. The show contained no direct attacks on the United States, according to the video.

(So, at this point, this is what we have. A broadcast to American troops that played music they liked, was humorous, a little flirty, and didn't say nasty things about the Allies. Not really comparable to the German radio programs, more of a variety radio show.)

Her producer was an Australian who had been captured. Two other POWs helped him work on the program contents.

The video talks about Toguri and how she was Japanese American and graduated from college with a degree in Zoology.

She was one of various Americans who had gone to Japan for some reason, usually to visit relatives, and got stuck there when the war began. She refused to renounce her American citizenship.

She had to earn money so she started out with clerical work then moved to the radio section as a typist. The Australian wanted a broadcast that would actually be ridiculous and laughable to an American audience and she was added to the program at the 'encouragement' of the Japanese secret police.


She never called herself Tokyo Rose but used the name Orphan Annie. It was found out that she smuggled food to the two of the captured Americans working at the radio station.

Now here's something that to me is really important. First, this video is from the Mark Felton Productions on You Tube. He's made a load of historical videos and every single one I've watched I have been impressed with the amount of factual material and how the videos are put together. So, when he says in this video that she was always a true American then I will go with that as truth.

He says that any Americans listing ot the program would realize it was devoid of enemy propaganda. She made around 340 broadcasts.


When the war ended she was arrested by the Americans, jailed and investigated for treason. Her investigation by the FBI ran five years. They found that the scripts she used were written by the coerced American POWs at the station.

In 1948 she was transferred to San Francisco where she was charged with treason. The video refers to the internment of Japanese Americans in camps during the war. The main POW at the station was an Australian who ended up acquited on charges of treason.

Toguri was found guilty on one count. The thing is, though, that none of the scripts had anything about what she was accused of saying.

The video says there was 'undure duress' to find her guilty which is what happened. She was fined $10,000 and given ten years in prison.

She was given parole and released in 1956. In 1977 she was given a Presidential pardon by Gerald Ford. Her citizenship was restored.

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