Sacramento, California

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Harvey Akio Itano, 21, 1942 graduate from the University of California where he received his Bachelor of Science [in] Chemistry degree. He was chosen by the faculty as University Medalist for 1942 and was a member of Phi Beta Kappa and Sigma Xi. Mr. Itano went to the Assembly center prior to the commencement exercises at which President Robert Gordon Sproul said, "He cannot be here with us today. His country has called him elsewhere". Mr. Itano hopes to enter the field of medicine and has taken his books with him to the Center where he is spending the duration.

This Center has been open for about a week. It has a capacity for 5000 persons. The people seen walking across the field toward the barracks are mothers and children of Japanese ancestry who have been in the playground and are coming back to the messhall for lunch.

Students evacuees of Japanese ancestry. Most of these boys have attended the University of California for a period of up to three years. They have been at this assembly center for several days and are awaiting transfer to a War Relocation Authority center where they will spend the duration. 5/20/42

This evacuee of Japanese ancestry has worked for the State of California as an engineer. He has had two years of college training and hopes to continue with his studies through correspondence courses while at the Assembly center for additional college credits and to attain Senior Bridge engineer status under Civil Service after the duration. 5/20/42

This evacuee of Japanese ancestry is a graduate of the Fresno State College with a major in Education. She is one of several who have started a kindergarten school at this Center for over 300 of the younger evacuee children

This young woman of Japanese ancestry received credentials from the San Jose State College to teach in Junior High, Primary and Kindergarten schools of the State. She is one of the leaders of the group who are establishing kindergarten schools for the young children in this Assembly Center. 5/20/42

Marker at Walerga Park

Evacuees at the center

View of barracks in block 2 during first week of occupancy of this Center. The entire Japanese population of the city of Sacramento (3500) are now here. The space under the trees seen in the background is reserved for the use of mothers and young children. 5/20/42

This was also called the Walerga center. It was occupied from May 6 to June 26, 1942, and held over 4,700 people. There were over 225 buildings/ Although there is a momument, virtually all of the original structures are now gone.

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