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There are certain topics that I think are very important, and that I scanned items from the newsletters about. (NOTE: This is an on-going section. It is NOT complete, and will not be complete until I have finished all the newsletters.)

Crime: This includes things like gambling, theft and vandalism. Most of the stuff is pretty minor and is not at all surprising when thousands of people are made to live in an area together and aren't free to come and go as they please. For example, in the movie American Pastime, one old man had set up a still and also had a gambling operation going on.

Crime article listing

Legal Matters: This generally relate to the better known legal cases that challenged the internment in one way or another.

Legal matters article listing

Maps: I think maps are a good way to learn about how things were set out. This will include actual maps, and illustrations of buildings, etc.

Maps article listing

Protests and Strikes: Some camps did have protests and/or strikes, ranging from very mild and hardly noticeable on up. Some of these items will refer to events written in one camp's newsletter, but really about something that happened at another camp.

Protests and stikes article listing

Repatriation: This relates to people who wanted to return to Japan, usually either Issei, who didn't have American citizenship, but sometimes included Nisei who were willing to give up their American citizenship in order to return to Japan.

Repatriation article listing

Rumors and Prejudice: Sometimes rumors were strange enough or upsetting enough to make it into the newsletters. There are also numerous articles showing the prejudice of the people outside the camps.

Prejudice and rumors article listing

Violence: This might or might not be related to crime, and could even be accidental, like a bad accident with injuries.

Violence article listing

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