Yamato and Leyte Gulf

This is one of the things I am seeing lately which tries to spin history. This one is told from the viewpoint of the Japanese and gives the impression that this group of ships won the battle for Leyte Gulf. They didn't. The battle ended with the Japanese withdrawing instead of moving on to Leyte like they were supposed to do.

This was also the only time the Yamato fired its guns in an actual battle. Further, her sister ship was sunk during the fight.

Another thing that is a problem with this video is that there is no narration at all. No English narration, no Japanese narration with subtitles, no text narration. Nothing. So, unless you are an expert in recognition of vessels from both sides, the video becomes confusing.

As you can see this is CGI work.

Both fleets have been shown. As of two and a half minutes there has been no narration at all.

Neat overhead image.

Close-up of Yamato's tower.

The Yamato opens fire.

American planes take off from a carrier.

Other scenes.

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