Maude Adams on Radio

I've made reference to Maude Adams being on radio before, reading and performing, both. There is now a video on You Tube that has her in The Little Minister. Unfortunately, not much of the material she performed on radio has survived.

I had some difficulty making out some of the words, but most of it was understandable. Maude enters the scene at 3:10 and is in the rest of the clip. She's playing Babbie, the gypsy girl. You can tell she's older since her voice is more of an older woman than a young girl. Still, this clip is very important.

Learning about her is like doing archeology, actually. Much of the material from her time and about her has been lost. The burning of her letters was one act which destroyed valuable information on her. There is a movie clip of her doing an audition, but that is virtually impossible to get to see.

One good thing that could happen is that this recording could possibly cause someone to go through some things and maybe find more of the play. Remember that this was done well before any of the technology that we use today to record instantly nearly anything. Still, there's always hope that more will be found.