Alien Nation, the movie

The slaveship. (There is one problem with this concept, and that is why would any race actually need slaves? Any actually technologically advanced race would have developed machines that can do anything a human (or alien) can do physically, so there would be no need for slaves. Feeding, etc. living beings would be much more time consuming, difficult and expensive than simply using machines to do the work, so I have never understood why there would even be a slaveship other than that one race has power, the other doesn't, and the race that has the power wants to use it.)

The Newcomers have been released from quarantine and are starting to settle among the humans which has resulted in a lot of opposition. (It could be a sort of inside-joke that Reagan is being used on TV. There are some people who believe that UFOs are actually from outer space and also believe that Reagen knew that they were real and made reference to them in several speeches, at least one of them in front of the United Nations when he referred to how the nations of the world would come together if they faced an external threat to the planet. )

The two main opening characters (later the one on the right would become the Matthew Sikes character. The black guy is Tuggs.)

They try to stop a robbery but it becomes a shootout. In this version there is also a human helping the Newcomers. In the series, there were only Newcomers doing the robbery.

We see this scene redone in one of the series shows (where it turned out it was a policewoman who killed Tuggs and not the Newcomers.) Sikes daughter in the movie is about to get married; in the series she was a little younger.

The Newcomer takes some kind of drug and then charges Sikes. The drug is something like PCP as far as the effects it has.

The police captain announces that a Newcomer policeman has been promoted and will be working in their station.

George (obviously played by a different actor.) Sikes volunteers to partner with George. Sikes finds out George's actual name and his Tenctonese name; the term “George” is not his actual name in either language.

Sikes reveals his real purpose to George, that he wants George to help him find the “slag” that murdered his partner. His hatred for George is quite open. He's also at the police firing range and is planning to use a special gun he got hold of.

George and Sikes are checking out their case. Sikes goes to a refinery and it looks like they are making the drug the one Newcomer took (Sikes is gone by the time we see this scene). George is talking to the woman who works at the store that the two Newcomers held up earlier.

Susan and one of the kids (movie version), plus a different house.

William Harcourt, a Newcomer community leader (and I'm sure he's the main crook.) Meanwhile, a Newcomer in the restroom takes some of the drug.

Once the “leader” and his fluky leave the building the fact that he is a crook is verified.

Sikes and George check out a bar to talk to a Newcomer that might be able to help them in their investigation.

George and Matt check out another bar. This is just after the “leader” had a Newcomer killed by having him put into sea water. (It dissolves the Newcomer's body.)

The two of them have a little “bonding time” at Sike's apartment. Buck is four years old, according to George, so Emily (from the series) has not yet been born.

The crooks try to rig Sike's car up so it explodes but he catches them doing it.

What's left of the Newcomer that was dumped into the water.

George finally explains to Matt what the drug is about.

Matt and George have figured out there's drug-producing on at the refinery and Harcourt, the “leader” Newcomer, is behind the whole thing.

George and Matt find the drug and the production equipment.

Harcourt and his cohorts take the drug to their nightclub.

George confronts the crooks alone, carrying an explosive charge.

The crooks kill a policeman an steal the police car. George and Matt give chase.

Harcourt ingests a whole lot of the drug at one time and he appears to die.

Harcourt has mutated into some kind of monster.

Harcourt chases Sikes but Sikes is able to tackle him and tumble into the ocean.

George rescues Sikes even though it burns his hand when he sticks it into the water to reach Sikes.

George and Matt at Matt's daughter's wedding.

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