Alien Nation

This was a science fiction series some years back. It told the story of a group of aliens that had landed on Earth. They had been bred to be slaves to some other unknown race. The main theme of the series is prejudice. The aliens enter into American society, most of them in Los Angeles, and encounter extreme prejudice.

The series also shows how their culture is affected by human culture, not always for the better.

The two main characters, policemen, are Matt, who is a human, and George, who is an alien. They themselves have to deal with prejudice against each other (at least at the first). Things get really complicated when Matt falls for Cathy, who is an alien female. That leads to some serious, and some very funny, things happening.

The show is generally a very well-done series and definitely worth watching.


Alien Nation: The Movie
Chains of Love
The First Cigar
Crossing the Line
Fifteen with Wanda
Fountain of Youth
The Game
Generation to Generation
Gimmie, Gimmie
Green Eyes
Little Lost Lamb
Eyewitness News
Night of the Screams
Pilot episode
Real Men
The Red Room
The Spirt of '95'
The Takeover
Three to Tango
The Touch

Movies, etc.

A Family Gathering
Body and Soul
The Making of Body and Soul
Body and Soul gag reel
Dark Horizon
Dark Horizon gag reel
Making of Dark Horizon
Making of Millenium
Millenium Gag Reel
The Enemy Within
The Making of The Enemy Within
The Udara Legacy

Books, etc.

Alien Nation: The Lost Episode
Alien Nation trading cards
Alien Nation: The Unofficial Companion
Newcomers Among Us
Body and Soul paperback
Body and Soul script
Carrier, unfilmed script
Change, unfilmed script
The Change
Cross of Blood
Dark Horizon
The Day of Descent
The Enemy Within
Extreme Prejudice
One Nation, Invisible unfilmed script
On Separate Ways unfilmed script
Millennium unfilmed script
Passing Fancy
Slag Like Me
Soul Train unfilmed script
Udara script
Ultimatum unfilmed script

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