1. Dil Lay Gayee: This is a really cute sounding, fun-sounding song.

2. Masti Hi Masti: Another really neat-sounding song.

3. Woh Bura Maan Gayee: Female lead singer for the first time on the album. She has a beautiful voice and again the song is really good.

4. Kudi Kudi: Another very happy-sounding song.

5. Nishani Pyar Di: Sounds a little more serious in nature than the preceding songs. Still sounds good, though.

6. Laara Lappa: Another happy-sounding, good song.

7. Aho Aho: Another really upbeat, neat sounding song.

8. Billo Gori: Another pretty good song.

9. Mirza: Male singers, good song.

10. Mehendi: Female singers, another good song.

11. Nachdi Nachdi Aa: Male singers, yet another pretty good song.

I find the songs on this cd to be more like those of the Bollywood moviesthat I have seen then I do the songs on the actual Bollywood cd.


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