Non-Japanese Music I Like

This will be my place for music that I happen to like, but which is not from Japan. This will mostly be music from other countries including countries from the Orient, the Middle East and other areas.

Arabic/Middle Eastern music

Desert Roses

Nawal El Zoughbi (Lebanon)

Nawal El Zoughbi el Layali

Chinese music

Dong Fang: 10-Girls-Band (Taiwan)

Twelve Girls Band (Chinese)

French music

Mylene Farmer

Indian music




Shanti Shanti (Sanskrit)

Shanti Shanti

Dreaming in Real Time

Shanti Shanti 3

Walkin' with the Devas by Shanti Shanti(Sanskrit)

CD included in book Dreaming in Real Time


Le Best of Cirque de Soliel

Alegria, the Fable