Walkin' with the Devas by Shanti Shanti

1. Ganesha Prayer: A capella chanting with very pretty voices (and an occasional bell sound).

2. Walkin' with the Devas: One of their best songs. The lyrics are really meaningful and good. Different arrangement of this song than on their album Shanti, Shanti.

3. Saraswati: Mix of English and Sanskrit chanting. Very, very pretty song.

4. Sri Rudra Prashna: Chanting with minimum musical accompaniment. Very peaceful sounding.

5. Anada Kumar Ashtakam: Sanskrit, more singing-style than chanting-style. Another very pretty song.

6. Sama Veda: A capella chanting, slower and more somber-sounding then the other chanting. Has a very sad air about it.

7. Angel: English primarily, with some chanting. Very pretty song and good words.

8. Morning in Bristol: Beautiful instrumental, sounds like the opening of some lush film filled with wonderful scenery.

9. Shanti Mantra: Chanting, again, with minimal musical background. Short but pretty.

10. Shikva Panchakshara Stotram: A live performance. This is one of their prettiest songs, very beautiful and gentle sounding. Very peaceful.

11. River of Grace: This is another song like track 8 at the start with beautiful music. Then it goes into music plus singing and is still pretty.


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