Nawal Al-Zoughbi, el-Layali

1. El Layali: Sort of a nice beat to this song with Al-Zoughbi backed up by what sounds like several other women.

2. Bain Elbareh Wa Eyoum: A fairly strong Spanish-style to this song which is another pretty good one.

3. El Mamnou'a Marghoub: A very good song; more use of drums than usual; her voice is extremely good on this cut.

4. Bladi: Again, another good song, this one with slightly more complex rhythms than the first three.

5. Hobbak Bi'oyouni Maktoub: Again, a good song.

6. Wa'di La Oyounak: Another interesting-sounding song.

7. Alyama: A lot of group singing that, at times, almost drowns out her voice. It also a very sudden ending. Not my favorite one on the cd.

8. Ma I'ndi Shak: Another good song with more emphasis on her voice then on a group of voices.

9. Nasini Leeh: Another decent song.

There is no doubt that her voice is really, really good. A very clear, very nice-sounding voice. The only flaw I find in the album is that all the songs are very, very similar to each other (which, indeed, is something that can be said about many, many artists.) I wish there would have been at least a couple of songs that would have been different in their pacing and arrangement and would have given her voice more of a challenge.


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