Shanti Shanti: Dreaming in Real Time

These two women are able to sing songs in Sanskrit which is somewhat unusual in that Sanskrit, like Latin, is considered a dead language. What is especially interesting is that neither girl was taught Sanskrit.

1. Meditation to the Divine Mother: Very pretty chanting.

2. Angels Inside: I really love this song. Very, very positive. "Turn away from darkness, turn your head to the light so you can hear the angels inside."

3. Vedic Lullaby: Definitely a lullaby and quite pretty. The musical background is also excellent.

4. Narayana Upanishad: This is a track which is chanting with some musical background. Extremely pretty.

5. Stay Within the Light: A male singer joins them on this incredibly beautiful and moving track.

6. Narayana Suktam: The entire track is chanting with a musical background. Very pretty.

7. Dreaming in Real Time: The song opens with a variety of sounds (almost like the mix in a dream,) then follows with regular singing and chanting. Another pretty song.

8. Language of the Gods: Regular singing plus some chanting. The two blend very well and are very beautiful together.

9. Beloved Son/Stay with Me: Incredibly beautiful blending of their voices on this chanting track with some English singing.

10. Raag: Saraswati: Sitar (?) plus some chanting and drums. Rather different from the other tracks.

11. Song of Compassion: Very pretty sounding.

12. Shri Suktam: Chanting.

13. Celtic Saraswati: When you listen to anything Celtic you can see how it is an ancestor of American western-style music (like, say, the theme to Deadwood). Very interesting violin background and pretty chanting make this a really good track.

14. Walkin' With The Devas: A live recording from a performance in Scotland. This song, along with others that have English parts, are very positive-message songs, very meaningful. This track is sort of pop-ish in style but still incredibly good.


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