Shanti Shanti 3

I wonder what happened on this CD. Did the people who were responsible for deciding what was to be recorded lose their faith that the two women alone could carry a CD? A male singer is added to this CD and the tone of the songs changes almost completely. The girls become little more than backup singers on some of the tracks and some of the songs, as far as their words go, simply do not belong on the type of CDs that Shanti Shanti normally make.

All of the other Shanti Shanti CDs I would say are basically musts to listen to; this one, though, is the type of CD that is for a completest as there is not much on it that is really that good, and that's not the fault of the two girls singing.

The focus of the work that Shanti Shanti has been doing has been totally lost on this CD. Whereas the other Shanti Shanti CDs I tend to listen to more than once (sometimes many times), this is a CD that I will listen to once and then simply put away with my other CDs and let it just stay there.

1. Show Me the Way to Love: Robert Forman joins the two women singers on this popish track. A good song.

2. Leah; Opens with Sanskrit chanting/singing by the girls. Then the guy comes in singing in English. I think with him singing and a change in the nature of the songs it's becoming almost two popish in nature. The CDs with just the two girls on them seem more spiritual in nature. This song in particular, at least as far as the English lyrics goes, seems almost totally out of place in the Shanti Shanti series of songs.

3. Never Gonna Be the Same: Minimal use of Forman; mostly English singing with a little chanting thrown in. Better than the first two songs in the way it fits better into the type of music Shanti Shanti has been doing.

4. Durva Suktam: Chanting/music, somewhat slower paced than the first three songs. Mostly the two women; very good.

5. Don't You Know: All three singing together in English on this song. Again, rather popish and with lyrics that don't quite fit in to the general nature of their songs. The song itself does sound good, though.

6. Mahavidyas: All three together on this song mixing English and some chanting. A fairly pretty song. The words also tend to fit in better to the type of songs they usually do.

7. I Think That We Can Make It: This is just another love-lost type ballad that is not appropriate at all for this type of CD. It's almost all Forman, too, with the girls used simply as background.

8. Paradise: Again, another song that's out of place with the girls used as backup singers, primarily.

9. Upanishad Sarasamgrahah: Chanting.

10. Our World: Again Forman is the lead singer and again the words just don't fit. The words on the songs that he is the lead singer are generally not that positive, whereas the songs that the girls are lead singers on (on the other CDs) are generally positive-type songs.

11. Same Old Song: Again, as with tracks 2, 5, 6, 7 and 10, this one just doesn't fit. Again, Forman is the lead singer and the girls are primarily backup.


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