Le Best of Cirque Du Soleil

1. Egypte: Almost more Celtic sounding than Egyptian in nature. Very beautiful female voices.

2. Alegria: One of my favorite songs, period. Beautiful./p>

3. Pokinoi: A fairly pretty song but not one of my favorites, actually.

4. Querer: Slightly Spanish-sounding music on this track. The type of song that is really good as background music to performing, but as music itself it's ok but not something you'd listen to numerous times.

5. Kumbalawe: A very pretty, African-sounding song.

6. Ombra: Spanish-sounding, also another pretty song.

7. Reveil: Instrumental that reminds me somewhat of the one closing theme, I think it was, to the movie The Elephant Man for the first half. Very sad-sounding. The second half goes into a very lush sound, classical sounding in nature, very pretty.

8. Nostalgie: Sort of Russian/Slavic sounding, another sad-sounding song.

9. Vocea: Interesting, but in my opinion one of the weakest tracks on the cd.

10. Stella Errans: Not a track that I like.

11. Gamelan: Another track that is listenable, somewhat better than the last track, but still not really that great.

12. Liama: Very pretty song, reminding me a little of the theme from the movie Titanic.


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