Shanti Shanti

1. The Morning Song: Sanskrit singing/chanting. Very pretty.

2. The Essence of Peace: Mix of English and Sanskrit. Again a very pretty song.

3. Sri Sukta: Short track of chanting.

4. Lakshmi and Gayatri: Singing in Sanskrit. Another pretty song.

5. Sri Sukta (continued): The chanting is continued.

6. Shanti Mantra: Chanting with slight musical backing.

7. Govinda Ganesha: Again, Sanskrit singing, but with some English added.

8. Jenny: This is utterly unlike any of the other songs on this cd (or the other cds, for that matter). It's in English and Sanskrit, but mostly English; sort of pop-ish (from the fifties, perhaps). It's not bad, it's just so left-field compared to the rest of the material on the cd.)

9. By the Sea: Short, instrumental, pretty.

10. Mantra Pushparn: Chanting/singing with more pronounced musical backing. Again a pretty song.

11. Intro to Bhagavad Gita: Chanting with musical backing.

12. Bhagavad Gita: An English explanation (brief) of what the Bhagavad Gita is followed by chanting/music.

13. Purusha Suktam: Opens with the sounds of a thunderstorm and a horn of some kind. Very short.

This is their first album and contains a higher proportion of chanting songs than their other works. By the way, when I say "chanting/singing", it's basically a combination of the two. The chanting can be regular chanting with a soft or a stronger musical background or it can even be a capella without any music for at least part of the song.

The musical backing is almost always in perfect flow with the chanting itself and results in cds of very peaceful sounds. When things are done in English in their CDs the lyrics are almost always very, very meaningful.


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