CD included with the book Dreaming in Real Time

This CD is included with the book Dreaming in Real Time and is sort of a "best of" type of CD.

1. Ganesha Prayer: One of the chanting/singing tracks that is very, very good and very strong but very peaceful sounding.

2. Vedic lullaby: This is one of the songs that I think has very good singing, but the strength of the song is in its words which are extremely meaningful.

3. Angels Inside: One of my favorite songs of theirs.

4. Shanti Mantra: Chanting/singing that is, again, good.

5. Stay Within the Light: Sung in a mix of English and Sanskrit; a very, very beautiful song.

6. Durva Suktam: Chanting/drums. Good.

7. Song of Compassion: Chanting/singing. Very good.

8. Walkin' with the Devas (Live): I think one of their best songs.


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