Twelve Girls Band

Audio Cd

1. Miracle: Very good song, very strong, very pretty sounds from some of the musical instruments being used.

2. Clocks: Another very pretty, high-energy song.

3. Liu San Jie: More traditional-sounding than the first two tracks. It also has a very weird-sounding section which is sort of hard to describe. Not a bad track, but I like the first two better.

4. Earthly Stars (Unsung Heroes): A very pretty song with some parts that sound sort of Italian.

5. Freedom: Sounds like a mix of Russian and Irish music. Works quite well together.

6. Shangri-La: Another really good song.

7. Reef Around the Sun: Yep. This one's from Riverdance. Darn good (just without the tap dancing).

8. A Girl's Dream: Definite change of pace from Reef Around the Sun, slower but still really, really pretty.Neat sounding song with the instruments duplicating the sound of birds at times.

9. Forbidden City: Slower, more traditional sounding. Very good.

10. The Great Valley: Sounds somewhat Arabic in nature in parts. A very good track.

11. Alamuhan: Sort of Spanish-sounding with a tiny bit of Arabic influence thrown in. An all-right song but, in my opinion, one of the weakest on the cd.

12. Mountains and Rivers: Another ok song, but not outstanding.

13. Only Time: Very, very pretty theme.

14. New Classicism: Just as it says; classical themes with a modern beat. Really interesting.


Live from Budokan, Japan

One of the songs done above.

Another one of the CD songs. Their presentation is much more physically restrained than Dong Fang's; their clothing is much more conservative as is their manner of playing.

An interesting way of using classical music themes.

Another of the songs from the CD.

Meet the 12 Girls Band

This is some type of promo-piece for the album and their tour of the U.S. A couple of the girls get to talk but it's not really a "Meet the..." type of track.

Freedom (Music Video)


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