Mylene Farmer

My Mylene Farmer CDs

Cendres de Lune, 1986

Ainsi Soit Je, 1986

En Concert, 1989

L' Autre, 1991

Dance Remixes

Anamorphoses, 1995

Live a Bercy. 1997.

Innamoramento, 1999

Mylenium Tour CD (2000)

Les Mots, 2002

RemixeS, 2003

Avant Que L'Ombre. 2005.

Point de Suture. 2008

No. 5 On Tour. 2009

Blue Noir. 2010.

Monkey Me. 2012.

Timeless. 2013.

Interstellaires. 2015.

My Mylene Farmer Singles

A Quoi Je Sers

California Remixes

C'est Dans L'Air

C'est un belle journee

City of Love


Fuck Them All Remixes

L' Amour n'est rien...

L'amour N'est Rien dance remixes


Les Mots



Slipping Away (with Moby)

Mylene Farmer Bootlegs

Diamond Collection

Les Sens et le Se


Mylenium Tour, 2001
Live a Bercy
Videos 1
Videos 2 and 3
Videos 4
Interviews from You Tube
Various TV appearances
California and Making Of California from You Tube
Personal Music Videos from You Tube
Individual Songs from You Tube

Other things

Book on Mylene Farmer

Mylene Farmer: The Single File

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My greatest thanks to Mark for introducing me to this incredibly beautiful and incredible talented singer.

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