Diamond Collection

This is another bootleg, I believe.

1. California: A good song.
2. Regrets: An okay song.
3. Ainsi Soit je: A really good song.
4. L'Autre: Another good song. A little bit of the music reminds me of something form Cirque du Soleilo.
5. Comme J'mai Mal: Another good song.
6. Je T'aime melancholie: A more upbeat, fairly good song.
7. Pourvu Qu'elles Soient Dances: A really like this one.
8. L'Instant X: A goods song.
9. Tristana: An okay song.
10. Sans Contrefaction: One of my favorite songs.
11.Vertige: Hard rock type of song, quite good.
12. Libertine:Another of my favorite songs.
13.XXL: Yet another of my favorite songs.
14. Tomber 7 Fois: Reminds of Joan Jett. Quite good.
15. L'Horlage: Opens with a clock ticking, followed by strange sounds.

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