Point de Suture


1. Degeneration: This is one of the rare tracks that I really don't like.
2. Appelle Mon Numero: A fairly good song.
3. Je M'ennuie: Another fairly good song.
4. Paradis Inanime: Now this one I think is really good.
5. Looking for My Name: Moby and Mylene Farmer. A fairly good song but she does some repetitions of certain sounds too many times..
6. Point de Suture: A fairly good song except for one odd sound repeated too many times.
7. Revieller le Monde: I like this one a lot.
8. Sextonik: A really good song.
9. C'est dans l'Air: Not one I care for.
10. Si J'avais au Moins: A good song.


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