Avant Que L'Ombre a Bercy

Disc 1

1. Introduction: Musical. I really like it.
2. Peut-Etre Toi: I really like this one. It's becoming one of my favorites.
3. XXL: One of my favorite songs of hers.
4. Dans Les Rues De Londres: A pretty song.
5. California: A good song but not among my favorites.
6. Porno-graphique: A pretty good song.
7. Sans Contrefacon: Another of my favorites.
8. Q.I.: An okay song.
9. C'Est Une belle Journee: Another one I really like.
10. Ange, Parle-Moi: A very pretty song.
11. Redonne-Moi: A fairly good song.
h2 align=left>Disc 2

1. Rever: A good but very sad sounding song.
2. L'Autre: Another sort of sad sounding song but also really good.
3. Desenchantee: Still another of my favorites.
4. Nobody Knows: Another pretty type of song.
5. Je T'Aime Melancolie: I sort of like this one.
6. L'Amour N'est Rien: A really, really cute song.
7. Deshabillez-Moi: A cute song.
8. Les Mots: Another one that I like.
9. Fuck Them All: I really like this song.
10. Avant Que L'Ombre: An okay song.

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