Mylene Farmer World Ballad Collection

The CD includes the following songs:

1. Ainsi Soit Je: Good song.
2. Regrets: Another good song.
3. Et Tour Noie: Nice.
4. Au Bout De La Nuit: Really weird. Sounds like some kind of pervert guy making heavy-breathing noises in the background. 5. California: Good Song.
6. Greta: Sort of strange. Possibly the worst song I've ever heard of hers.
7. Innamoramento: Fortunately this really, really good song follows.
8. l'antre: A pretty good song.
9. Laisse Le Vent Emporter Tout: Another nice song.
10. L'Amour Nassant: Another good song.
11. LL N'Y A Pas D'Allenrs: A very sad sounding song but still good.
12. Mylene S'En Fout: All right song.
14. Rever: Another good song.
15. Puisque (live): Long musical opening. Actually a rather boring song.

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