Cendres de Lune

1. Libertine: One of her best songs, in my opinion. Strong, quick, beautiful singing. Great opening cut for the cd.

2. Au Bout De La Nuit: Sort of an odd song with inbuilt heavy male breathing sounds in the background. Parts of the song are really nice, but the heavy breathing sounds are very, very annoying, damaging what would otherwise be a fairly decent song. The breathing lowers it to an average or even below average quality song.

3. Vieux bouc: If the last one was odd, this goes so far beyond that song that I can't even think of a word to describe it. There's the sound of a sheep baa-ing in the background from time to time; other odd sounds and a little singing. It's actually sort of funny, it's so bad. Almost enjoyable, actually.

4. Tristana: A pretty good song.

5. Chloe: Sounds like some kind of child's nursery type song or something.

6. Maman a tort (Nouvelle verison): Another sort of strange sounding song but it's fairly good anyway.

7. We'll never die: A neat song, everything working together pretty well.

8. Greta: Back to very strange as far as the song goes. The singing part itself is fairly good, but there's lots of voiceovers that detract from the song itself.

9. Plus grandir: A very good song, one of the best on the cd.

10. Libertine (remix special club): Normally I find remixes to be really, really bad alternate versions of the original song, but this is a true exception. This is really well done, just as good as the original song but different at the same time.

11. Tristana (remix club): Another remix version that's fairly decent. Two on one cd; that's quite a pleasant surprise.

12. Cendres de lune: A rather short piece of music that's not really satisfying.

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