Avant que l’Ombre

In general, in my opinion, this is somewhat of a disappointing cd. There are very few songs that grabbed me like some from earlier cds. The songs are all ok, some good to very good, but the album as an entity is just average.

Disc: 1

1. Avant Que l'Ombre: A good song.

2. Fuck Them All: Obviously one of my favorite songs of hers.

3. Dans Les Rues de Londres: A good song, but nothing fantastic.

4. Q.I: Another ok song, but that’s it.

5. Redonne-Moi: Sort of a gentle, fairly pretty song.

6. Porno Graphique: Another ok song.

7. Derriére Les Fenêtres: Likewise an ok song.

8. Aime: Again, an ok song.

9. Tous Ces Combats: Likewise, ok.

10. Ange, Parle-Moi: A fairly pretty song, really, one of the better ones on the cd.

11. Amour N'Est Rien: This is one of the best ones on the cd, starting with what sounds like a child’s rhyming song or something and moving on from there.

12. J'Attends: A good song, in general.

13. Peut-Être Toi: Another good song. These two are somewhat above the average song on this cd.

14. Et Pourtant

Disc: 2

1. Fuck Them All [DVD] [Clip]: Another strange video, but an extremely good song.

2. Fuck Them All [Making of] [DVD]: As it says, the making of the video. Quite interesting.

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