Bleu Noir

1. Oui mais...non: An okay song.
2. Moi je veux: A nice song.
3. Bleu noir: I really like this one.
4. N'aie plus d'amertume: Another really good song.
5. Toi l'amour: An okay song.
6. Lonely Lisa: A good song.
7. M'effondre: I'm not overly fond of this track.
8. Light Me Up: Another track that I don't really like that much.
9. Leila:Unjfortunately this one makes three straight that I don't really like very much.
10. Diabolique mon ange: This is turning into my least favorite album of hers. I don't like this one, either.
11. Inseperables: Sung in English. Quite good.
12. Inseperables, French version: Again, quite good.

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