No. 5 On Tour

Disc 1

1. D'entre Les Morts: A long musical introduction. An okay song.
2. Paradis Inanime: Another one that I like.
3. L'ame-Stram-gram: One of the ones I like the most.
4. Je M'Ennuie: Okay.
5. Appelle Mon Numero: Fairly good song.
6. XXL: One of my favorite songs of hers.
7. A Quoi Je Sers: Another one I like.
8. Porvu Qu'elles Soient Douces: It's okay.
9. Point De Suture: It's okay but that's it.
10. Nous Souviendrons Nous: A neat opening. An interesting song.
11. Rever: I really like this one and it's perfect for the audience participation.
12. Ainsi Soit Je: A very pretty, very soft song.
13. Interlude 'Avant Que L'ombre': Musical, quite good

Disc 2

1. Libertine: Another one of my favorites.
2. Sans Contrefacon: Another one that I like a lot.
3. Je Te Rends Ton Amour: Another quite good song.
4. Degeneration: A too-long musical introduction. Also not a great song in my opinion.
5. Desenchantee: One of my favorite songs of hers. The audience also does a great sing-along with her.
6. C'est Dans L'air: An okay song.
7. Si J'avais Au Moins: A pretty song.

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