Mylene Farmer: Interstellaires

1. Interstellaires: A really good song.

2. Stolen Car: The song sung with Sting and it's really, really good.

3. A rebours: Another really good song.

4. C'est pas moi: Okay. That's four in a row that are really good.

5. Insondables: Yep, another really good song.

6. Love Song: Fast becoming my favorite album of hers with yet another really good song.

7. Pas d'access: The weakest song on the album. It ranks okay.

8. I Want You To Want Me: Very unusual in that she does the song in English. She does it well, too.

9. Voie lactee: Back to a song in French and another really good one.

10. City of Love: Again, a really good song.

11. Un jour ou l'autre: Really good and she hits some really high notes.


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