This CD consists of music from both Mylene Farmer and a woman singer named Desireless. The even numbered songs are done by Mylene Farmer and the odd numbered ones by Desireless.

1. Pas De Donit: A nice song.
2. John: A nice song also. The woman has a good sounding voice and actually reminds me a little of the women in ABBA.
3. Sans Contrefacon: One of my favorite Mylene Farmer songs.
4. Qui Sommes Nous: Another good song.
5. Regrets: A duet. A fairly good song.
6. Oublie Les, Oublie: Another good song.
7. Porvu Qu'elles Scient Douces:: Another one I like.
8. Elle Est Comme Les Etoiles: : An okay song.
9. Ainsi Soit Je: A good song.
10. Hari Om Ramakrishna: A very good song.
11. Desenchantee: One of my favorite Mylene Farmer songs.
12. Vojage, Vojage: Another good song from Desireless.
13. Beyond My Control: It's never been one of my Mylene Farmer favorites. It's okay at best.
14. Dis Pourquoi: She's quite a good singer. Another good song from her.
15. Pourvu Qu'elles Scient Douces, Remix Club: It's all okay remix.

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